Pretend You Don't See Her

Pretend You Don't See Her

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By: Mary Higgins Clark

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Mary Higgins Clark sends chills down readers' spines with the story of Lacey Farrell, a rising star on the Manhattan real estate scene. One day, while showing a luxurious skyline co-op, Lacey is witness to a murder -- and to the dying words of the victim.... The dying woman is convinced that the attacker was after her dead daughter's journal -- which Lacey gives to the police, but not before making a copy for herself. It's an impulse that later proves nearly fatal.
Placed in the witness protection program and sent to live in the Minneapolis area, Lacey must assume a fake identity, at least until the killer can be brought to trial. There she meets Tom Lynch, a radio talk-show host whom she tentatively begins to date -- until the strain of deception makes her break it off. Then she discovers the killer has traced her to Minneapolis. Armed with nothing more than her own courage and clues from the journal, Lacey heads back to New York, determined to uncover who's behind the deaths of the two women -- before she's the next casualty.
At once seductive and frightening, Pretend You Don't See Her is the "mistress of high tension" (The New Yorker) at her ingenious best.
Mary Higgins Clark is the Queen of Suspense, she definitely proves it in Pretend You Don’t See Her. She had me guessing all through this exciting book. The web that was formed and bits of clues provided the puzzles to solve the mystery were constantly changing. Enjoy another good read from this author.

- isaac_allen

Mary Higgins Clark is a great writer of mysteries with a suspenseful twist. I got my first Kindle soon after they first came out. Then I upgraded to a Kindle Fire. The last thing I do before going on a trip is to find a Mary Higgins Clark book that I haven't read. It still fascinates me that I buy the Kindle edition of the book on and then in a matter of minutes it appears on my Kindle.

The Kindle is easy to read and you can make the print bigger or smaller. It's great that it's lit so I can read and not disturb my husband. What more could you want. A great book and a great way to read it!!

- amani_reyes

Oh, this was a wonderful book! Read this during the Covid 19 pandemic and it took me away into another time. Highly recommend!

- kannon_ortiz

The end of the story was cut off! The CD stopped mid sentence. The story itself was ok, nothing special. Even so, I'd like to know how it ended.

- koda_rogers

Mary Higgins Clark is an excellent writer. She writes good "mystery" and keeps me guessing to the very end. What I like about her is that she rarely uses profanity in her books which is an exception these days. Many of the books I've read these days uses some form of profanity, mostly the "f-----" word, regularly throughout the book. That is an offensive word to me. So I will continue to read her books because she is a good writer and writes without profanity in most of her books.

- joseph_jackson

It became predictable in the middle
But it was a good story line kept me interested in trying to solve

- nicholas_ortiz

The story kept me involved all the way, especially making different people main characters. I found it very hard to put down.

- karen_parker

My first Mary Higgins Clark book I ever read when I was in high school and I loved it, I couldn't put the book down then, it was that good. Years later I made sure I bought a hardcover of this book and can't wait to read this story all over again, definitely worth the money

- preston_hughes

I just finished reading "Pretend You Don't See Her" for the second time. I will definitely be reading it a third time.
What I liked about the book:
It is highly believable that when a (in this case) young woman more or less witness the murder of another person, she will be in a great deal of danger. As she is the only one to have seen the, thought to be dead, murderer, her danger is even greater. Now the murderer, in this case Sandy Severano, has a great incentive to kill her, and he is eager to have it out with Lacey.
I also really liked the uncertainty about who was the murderer's informant. It wasn't until the last few chapters that it became really clear who the culprit was.
What was problematic about the book:
Would a woman who knew that she was on the hit-list of a murderer, and had been taught how to behave as a witness-program person, enter into her old field of work? Would she also take the chance of informing her family of where she was? Perhaps, but I'm not certain I buy that. This does increase the suspense in the book. Without having a clue of where Lacey was, Sandy would have a difficult time beginning his search for her. It still made me unhappy. This was the only difficulty I had with this book.
All in all I thorougly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to any and all.

- khloe_torres

Good read

- malani_lee

Very enjoyable read

- magnolia_wood

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