Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Java, SQL & C++ (2018)

Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Java, SQL & C++ (2018)

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By: IT Starter Series and Joseph Connor

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PLEASE NOTE: You DON'T need a Kindle to buy this book. It's available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader. Updated 2018 edition.

A Book That Actually Teaches You How to Master Computer Programming?

Do you want to program in today’s hottest computer languages:

  • Java?
  • SQL?
  • and C++?
If so, this new 4th edition is just right for you! In Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners, Joseph Connor takes you through a step-by-step process of understanding these powerful and popular computer languages. He’ll help you understand what computer programs are, what they can do, and how to operate their various functions:

  • Setting Up Environments
  • Using Text Editors Like a Pro
  • Understanding Compilers and Interpreters
  • Employing Reserved Keywords – In All Three Computer Languages!
  • Starting and Developing Your “Hello,” Explorations
  • Enabling CLR Integrations
  • Creating, Compiling, and Executing Java Programs
  • and Structuring C++ Programs
You’ll even learn how to troubleshoot and weed out your errors!

From data types to variables, this Expanded Edition 2018 of Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners offers you chapter after chapter of essential, valuable programming information. Unlike the other books in this growing niche, this book is incredibly extensive, thorough, and detailed!

Don’t wait another day to start learning – Download Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners Today and let Joseph Connor introduce you to the wide world of computing and programming!

You’ll be so glad you gained these essential modern-day skills!

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