Rastaman Vibration

Rastaman Vibration

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By: Bob Marley

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I remember hearing this album when I was in high school and I had not heard many of these songs in 30 years. I think Marley was years ahead of his time and the concerns and ideals he expressed in his songs are as relevant today as they were when he originally performed them. There is a pervading theme about the injustices in the world from racism ("War"), to materialism ("Rat race"), social injustice ("Crazy baldhead", "Who the cap fit") and violence ("Johnny was"). He also incorporated uplifting messages ("Positive vibration", "Roots, rock, reggae", "Jah live"). This album has a certain un-polished charm about it. It 's rough and to the point. I wish some of the ills of society that he sang about were not still as prevalent as they are today! To quote Pete Seeger "Oh, when will they ever learn?"

- saanvi_price

I am biased as a reviewer. I am a huge reggae and Bob fan, and feel that Legend and the other compilation albums have doen great things for Bob Marley, but also has painted Bob's work solely as a happy-go-lucky soundtrack for any vacationing family of "haves." Rastaman Vibration is a nice break from the over-exposed and watered-down reggae of Carribean Cruises and vacation videos. I am a huge fan of "Johnny Was," "Night Shift" and "War." These three songs are the meat-and-potatoes of the album that offset the pop-ish "Roots, Rock, Reggae" and "Positive Vibration." I like the angst and sorrow of "Johnny Was," the blue-collar, leaning on culture of poverty feel of "Night Shift" and political powerhouse that "War" is.

- julianna_sanders

You could make a good argument this is the best album they ever did, but I won't get into that discussion. No clunkers on this one. If you don't own it your reggae collection is not complete.

- remington_campbell

One of his best.

- aldo_gomez

Bob Marley. What else is there to say? This is one joyful noise that will help you chill. Maybe not for the novice, but if you want to explore the Marley and Wailers catalog, this won't disappoint.

- francisco_collins


- ivory_walker

Great first album.

- prince_hall

Classic CD. After watching the documentaryon Netflix, it give a whole new meaning to a lot of the songs and the man himself.

- andi_hall

Was not in first class condition as described. Vinyl was really crackly and badly scratched.

- westin_hill

Current Marley fave

- linda_davis

This is a great CD so happy to have it in our collection, it is a classic that pulls you in from the get go

- gregory_howard

Das Album gehört in jede CD Sammlung eines Reggae Freaks.
Die aus den ersten Jahren der Produktion berüchtigte üble Tonqualität bekommt man natürlich heute nicht mehr.
Es ist erstaunlich was gute jamaikanische Tontechniker so aus den alten Masterbändern "rausgeholt" haben.
Natürlich stehen die Titel, die Musikalität und Ihre Aussagen zum System der damaligen Zeit im Vordergrund und nicht die Tonqualität.

- michael_lopez

his first 3 albums were brill but this was a slight drop in standards war still sounds classic but one or two fillers for me.

- phillip_sanchez

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