Richard Scarry's Best Rainy Day Book Ever

Richard Scarry's Best Rainy Day Book Ever

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By: Richard Scarry

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Richard Scarry’s Best Rainy Day Book Ever has been delighting young Scarry fans for 30 years—and it is now available for a whole new generation. There are more than 500 wonderful things to make, play, and color. With just a few simple materials—and this book—children can keep themselves entertained for hours and hours!
Richard Scarry has thrilled generations of children with his whimsical drawings and characters.
Though this activity book is just wonderful and full of great crafting and learning acitivities, it is an abridged version of the book we loved when we were kids. The book, organized around the 12 number-it-yourself calendar pages, includes seasonal connect the dots, a paper village to color and build, paperdolls, paper airplanes to fold, greeting cards, Valentines, and bookmarks. The Christmas activities are missing altogether.

- addilyn_ramos

This $10 book is way underpriced. There are pages and pages of stuff in this book and has really inspired our two year nine month old to entertain herself for hours, coloring, cutting, making paper airplanes, paper dolls, etc. Really well thought out, well designed. High quality drawings (authentic Scarry, not his estate's). I am tempted to buy another one and have our child start over again. It's been three months but she still has about one third of activities left. HIGHLY recommended.

- ronan_myers

Twenty-eight years ago I recieved this book for Christmas. On a whim I checked to see if it was still available and I was SO happy to find out it is! My daughter loves it as much as I did when I was a child!

- liliana_rodriguez

This book is just as the title says - a good rainy day book. My Grandson and his Mommy "love it" when it rains.

- mark_williams

great, just like one I had as a kid

- kaiden_green

I have taught Kindergarten and never liked the use of activity books/sheets, etc... . My 4 yr old daughter loves busytown and asked for this when she saw it on Amazon. I bought it against my will only to find that it actually had some really nice things for her to do. It wasnt just filled with "practice" sheets; although there were some of those with tracing letters and numbers. It had a section for her to make a mobile, make a paper town and even had an assortment of national flags that she could decorate with. The ideas and projects are very traditional and most children dont get to do these kinds of projects or have ever heard of them. When she made the flags, other children that came to our home didnt even know that other countries had flags. She learned quite a bit from this book such as: flags to other countries, holiday pracitces, writing her letters and numbers, sequencing and patterning. There were pages that were just for coloring which she didnt have an interest in but I thought they were nice illustrations that most children would enjoy. Dot to dot was also in the book, as was making mothers day cards, fathers day cards, valentines day cards, and thank you cards which was nice to teach children to do after receiving something. There was also a place to make bookmarks, bookplates, and easter decorations (other holiday decorations too). Most of the projects, for my daughters age required me working with her as opposed to her working on her own, but it was enjoyable for me as well as Richard Scarry does a nice job with his writing and illustraions.

- giana_morales

This large paperback has fun activities that children can do by themselves while learning early building blocks for academics.

My daughter had fun doing these activities, and I must admit, I still enjoy browsing a new copy at the bookstore!

The projects reinforce early math skills through practical applications. And because they look fun and interesting children are encouraged to practice their reading skills to follow the instructions.

Actually, the pages are so well illustrated that reading the instructions is hardly necessary.

Recommended for all 3 learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic - a chance to look over the pages, listen to parent or older child read instructions, and practice small motor skills.

- luciana_ross

When my sister, brother and I were little, my parents bought us this book. I'm so glad to see it again! Not only did it keep us busy for hours, it kept us busy for DAYS! We kept going back to it; there was so much to do! Plus, it was great for our different age ranges - there were coloring pages for younger children, and lots of things to cut out and put together for children old enough to use scissors and glue (or tape). Best of all, even after we'd done everything, we were inspired to adapt the projects in our own way - such as, design and make our own paper airplanes or notecards based on the projects in the book. Definitely a must-have! Wonderful illustrations, too. The only thing I'd recommend is buying one for each child!

- dalary_wilson

My parents gave me this book one Christmas about 30 years ago and I loved it so much that I never coloured or cut any thing out of it, I traced everything onto plain paper so my book would never be spoiled.

Over the years I occasionally reminisced about the book and tried desperately to get another copy (mine had long since been banished to the charity shop by my mother (grrr!!!!) when I moved to Canada.

When it was published again I was so thrilled I pre-ordered two copies... and I don't even have any children!

A fantastic book bursting with charming little characters to colour and cut out and all kinds of paper buildings to colour in and model your own adorable little village from. Mr. Scarry has a wonderful imagination and it's lovely to see something so purely and magically childish brought back to the bookshelves.

- taliyah_garcia

My friend bought this for me, partly as a joke, after I discovered my original 1990 publication book which had been 'coloured in' in true 4 year old style. I have since coloured in the updated version as a procrastination! Even at 21, I still love colouring this book in - beats staring at a laptop! However, since I've finished colouring and there is no more to do, I was hoping to be able to buy another one, but I REFUSE to pay over £1,200 for one!!!! Why the ridiculas price increase? It must have been below £10 when it was bought. How frustrating.

Overall though, a fantastic activity and colouring book for ages 2 to, well... 22 as it would appear!

- reign_brown

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