Riders of the Dawn: A Western Duo

Riders of the Dawn: A Western Duo

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By: Louis L’Amour

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“Ride, You Tonto Raiders”

Matt Sabre is a young and experienced gunfighter—but not a trouble seeker. But when Billy Curtin calls him a liar and goes for his gun, Matt has no choice but to draw and fire. To his surprise, the dying man gives him $5,000 and begs him to take the money to his wife, who is alone in defending the family ranch in the Mogollons. A combination of guilt, regret, and wanting to do the right thing leads Sabre to make that ride.

“Riders of the Dawn”

A young gunslinger is changed for the better by a meeting a beautiful woman. A classic range-war Western, this novel features that powerful, romantic, strangely compelling vision of the American West for which L’Amour’s fiction is known. In the author’s words, “It was a land where nothing was small, nothing was simple. Everything, the lives of men and the stories they told, ran to extremes.”

This story is one of Louis L’Amour’s early creations that have long been a source of speculation and curiosity among his fans. Early in his career, L’Amour wrote a number of novel-length stories for the pulps. Long after they were out of print, the characters of these early stories still haunted him. It was by revising and expanding these stories that L’Amour would create his first novels.
I am not familiar with Western stories. The author created a thorough combination of 2 stories. The action was good; the subjects used their heads and their fast guns to complete the tales.

- caden_thompson

Love Louis Lamour. Another fine work. Keep waiting for “Flint”, preferably read in the style of Erik Singer

- jared_james

If you want to go somewhere else for an hour or two, this Louis L'amour story succeeds in getting you there.

- carmelo_cruz

Riders of the Dawn is not included in the list of Louis L'Amour's novels (found on the back of the first page in almost all of his paperback novels), but it is certainly novel length. Written in 1949 too, very early, preceding even the Hopalong Cassidy novels. What's up with this?

- layla_sanchez

enjoyed the story

- maliah_clark

Good stories but a little bit samey. I have read lots of Louis's books and have to say I would normally give 5 stars but as I say these short stories grouped together like this ar just a little bit too similar.

- olivia_johnson

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