Room 13

Room 13

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By: Edgar Wallace

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Room 13 is a crime thriller, around a story of forged money and revenge. An Edgar Wallace's classic, great plot with with some unexpected twists, masterful characterization of characters, fun as usual for the author is guaranteed.
A good book. Would have given it 4 stars but I feel the coherence in time-facts is not plausible. The whole story is around 2 weeks: marriage, Johnny 's drop from the train, Jeff's shooting.... and various other actions.
The story was clarified further in going back in the past of characters..

- yamileth_hughes

Strange mix of characters, I lost the plot sometimes, I would have preferred it if the female part had been portrayed as a stronger character, one that was allowed to have thoughts about her life.
It all came together in the end and the man got his girl

- morgan_phillips

The older world of villains brought back to life by the excellent writing of Edgar Wallace. An excellent read as ever

- julian_scott

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