Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul

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By: The Beatles

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Those were the words that George Martin said in The Beatles Anthology documentary...and rightly so! Rubber Soul was a breakaway for the group, both technically and musically.
More cynical, less bubbly lyrics, a la Dylan. "You Won't See Me," "Think For Yourself," "I'm Looking Through You" "Nowhere Man" and "Run For Your Life" are just among the far cries from "She Loves You" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Even John gets introspective with "In My Life," a song that he wrote when he was just turning longer quite so young.
One standout track is "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)." Here, George Harrison plays a sitar, the first time ever that an Indian instrument was ever heard on pop or rock album. George started getting into Indian music while they were filming HELP! during the Indian restaurant scene. Later that year, he flew out to L.A. to meet Jim (later Roger) McGuinn and David Crosby from The Byrds. When he told them about this new form of music he discovered, they mentioned Ravi Shankar's music to him...something, and someone, that literally changed the rest of his life.
What's amazing about this album is the amount of time it took to record it to meet the Christmas '65 deadline...just over a month! When 1966 arrived, The Beatles did something they hadn't done since first recording for EMI in 1962...they took a break. For three months, they did no recording, no concerts, no TV or radio appearances. It gave them time enough to record their next masterpiece...REVOLVER!

- maleah_morales

Remastered from the analog tapes the sound of these mono reissues is just stunning and the quality of the vinyl pressing is beyond reproach. The freshness of the songs and sound is amazing for being originally released 50 years ago in December of 1965. The soundstage of these mono recordings are amazing and countless times I swear I hear vocals or specific instruments from one side of the room or the other, not the speaker itself. Mono is how the Beatles intended these to be heard (stereo was still a bit of a gimmick at this point) and this mix does not disappoint.

- miguel_ramos

Well, what more can be said about the Beatles signature LP, “Rubber Soul" that hasn't been said by many of the fine reviews here. I have a previous pressing of Rubber Soul (Capital mono), and this new pressing is head and shoulders above that. I dropped the needle and was completely blown away by the clarity of the vocals and the instrumentation of all of the tracks. John's vocals on "Girl" is astounding; Paul's bass really pumps; Ringo's prefect playing; as well as George's rockabilly licks come flying out in the room. I can't get enough of this wonderful addition to my Beatles collection. I can't wait to see what Giles Martin can do with remastering of the White Album. Many thanks to the crew at Abbey Road studios.

- kara_anderson

I was a bit skeptical of the mono reissue vinyl launch. The Beatles catalog was just re-released 5 years ago on CD and vinyl, and those reissues sounded nearly perfect. Why would they put them out again on vinyl other than to just cash in? I was pleasantly wrong about this. These mono vinyls sound truly revolutionary. I have studied these songs for years again and again, but as I sat listening to them in my living room I heard subtle details that you just don't pick up on the CD. The sound merges together as one and makes the music jump out of your stereo. It doesn't hurt that every song on this album, even Ringo's What Goes On, is a true and utter masterpiece. I felt the chills down my spine as the needle revolved to the end of side 1 as I knew I had 7 songs still waiting for me.

- skylar_davis

Note: Review - 2009 Digital Remaster, enhanced CD.

Rubber Soul was The Beatles' first, and in my opinion, best concept album, and CD did it justice. Not sure why Track Listing changed since '65 release but sound was sharp, clear with probably maximum achievable fidelity.
Yes, early stereo can be fatiguing and depth of field is limited but group's sixth studio album was a very enjoyable, and nostalgic listening experience.

- frank_reed

I had an older, late 70's pressing of this and was looking forward to updating it a shiny and new copy of Rubber Soul. Nope. These post 2009-CD-based vinyl pressings are an abomination. I sold this terrible sounding hunk of wax within 17 hours of receiving it. If you want a good pressing of The Beatles on vinyl, either buy the Mono box set or pre-2009 pressings. GARBAGE.

- kimber_brown

The remastering on the CD is perfect. Really good. The digital download I was given with it by Amazon is not the same master. The sound on the download sucks royally! CD is great though and this has always been one of my favorite Beatles albums since I was a kid. Still have the original vinyl but do not want to ruin what's left of it by playing too often.

- monserrat_ross

I'd have given it five stars when it first came out on vinyl too. I even remember when and where I bought it. Listening to this the first time, even in my college days, I realized. these guys were way more than just pop-rock stars. And who had any idea what would follow THIS?

I was surprised recently that I didn't already have it. I think I triple checked, and sure enough, when my vinyl went, it wasn't replaced. Don't ask me why . Still one of their best and more progressive works.

- nalani_martinez

I didn't actually purchase this for myself, it was for a gentleman named Rob Smith who asked me to order it on his behalf as he was meant to be saving for an engagement ring for his fiance but still wants to feed his vinyl addiction at the same time without his future wife finding out.
He's assured me that he is very happy with the vinyl and would highly recommend it, he also states that it is worth putting off purchasing a ring for a little longer as the order of importance will always be, vinyl, scooter then fiance

- chana_chavez

I am so pleased I decided to buy this on vinyl , as with Abbey road it stands head and shoulders over the cd version , the covers are cool and the joy of handling the vinyl never gets old , the actual sound of the tracks is amazing and you would be forgiven for thinking they had been recorded yesterday , Girl, Michelle, Norwegian wood and Nowhere man are standout tracks , if you just want a few classic albums on vinyl then this is a must buy .

- nicolas_jones

Rather fresh off the blockbusting films “Help!” and especially “A Hard Day’s Night” (and mostly their soundtracks), The Beatles did not rest on their laurels for long, offering “Rubber Soul” in 1965. It was a major leap forward, implementing more experimental ways into their music. Or, given the next two albums, this one was only hinting at what was to come. Also, there is nothing like a concept to be found here (unlike Revolver and Sgt. Pepper), the songs are more or less in random order. The album is interesting with its very varied guitar work - Norwegian Wood, I’m Looking Through You - songs reminding of riddles of a kind (The Word), interesting backup vocals (Nowhere Man, Girl). Although scoring fewer successes in the singles chart both in UK and US than its predecessors and followers, “Rubber Soul” nevertheless includes many great songs, including the beloved “Michelle” and one of the most covered Beatles tunes, “In My Life”.

- anderson_patel

Another great album from the Beatle boys, the thicker vinyl is great and a true reproduction of the original album, though back then the vinyl was thinner of course. It certainly sounds much better to me in Mono and gives you that feeling of being back there, though I do have better equipment now to play on not a wooden record player or Ferguson radiogram which my parents owned later. I will play this when I want to close my eyes and go back in time.

- nixon_brooks

"Rubber Soul" is album six, and here, The Beatles start to change - there's still a clutch of songs, but they all form a coherent whole, as opposed to being an assortment of random material recorded 'on the run' mid tour, as well as being one of the first that contains no cover versions. It may rate as Rolling Stone's fifth best album of all time (they're no kidding : it's good, but it's not that good). Lyrically the album is also much better than before : there's still the usual songs about love, and the somewhat threatening tone of "I'd rather see you dead than with another man", which sounds like a great pitch for a Beatles Horror Movie, but the songs are about wider things. Now, the band were exhausted by constant touring and work, and there's a clutch of better known songs - the ones that's it within the common knowledge of mankind - alongside perhaps less known songs, so much so, that there are often moments of "Oh! Of course! This one!". Nonetheless, Rubber Soul is the album where The Beatles started being who we universally recognise as The Beatles, and not as a band of hasty and frantic young men in the eye of a storm. Not the fifth best album ever, but certainly, the best Beatles release so far.

- kane_phillips

The Beatles Rubber Soul Album For Me Was That The Beatles Has Grown Up , This Album Is More Mature Than Any Other Album That They Recorded , Now Don"t Get Me Wrong I Love The Previous Albums Before This But In My Opinion This Is The Masterpiece , The Classic Album Of The Beatles Career , Each And Every Track Sounds Better Than Before, Even Ringo"s WHAT GOES ON is Quite Endearing , The Songs Are Much More Sophisticated And With One Or Two Of Them Very Personal ( i.e. Paul"s YOU WONT SEE ME)
This Album Is My No.1 , And I Love It ,
Please Do Yourself A Favor And Buy This Amazing Album On Vinyl And Enjoy Every Second Of It...You Shall Be So Glad You Did

- everleigh_gray

Well. It is The Beatles after all. What else can you write about these guys? Rubber Soul is fantastic. Such great music and stills sounds as fresh as the day it was released. Just like every Beatle album. They just sound better and probably always will.

- amari_howard

My earliest memories of The Beatles is endless sundays of my dad playing his vinyl albums while at his work bench and the songs echoing throughout the house. Over the years I've slowly been adding The Beatles albums to my collection and decided to take these remasters as the chance to get a large batch of them. Despite not hearing this for ages there's still the well known favourites such as In My Life, Norwegian Wood and Drive My Car which are complimented my forgotten gems such as Nowhere Man, Think for Yourself and I'm Looking Through You. Complete with the album there's a documentary on the album, some good photo's of the band although despite the nice sheen looking sleeve it does look a touch frail. In short due to finally being remastered a must buy for Beatles fans and highly recommended for anyone with a passing interest.

- kai_brown

A great album, which pushes the Fab Four forward while still casting oblique gazes to their recent past. My only criticism with the album is that is uneven. The second side suffers slightly from material not on par with the rest of the album: Wait (a leftover from Help!), Run For Your Life, and What Goes On.

Besides that the band is in its top game. Just to mention If I Needed Someone with its exuberant yet plaintive harmonies, jingly Rickenbacker sound, and featuring a guitar line from the Byrds' The Bells of Rhymney; and the godly In My Life with a faked harpishcord solo that sends this listener to a transcendental euphoric state, every time he hears it.

- cameron_reyes

My favorite Beatles album This was the start of The Beatles experimentation with music The recording process is unique and could only have been achieved with the fifth beatle George Martin Groundbreaking and not a duff track on this CD

- ruth_cook

Clicked to order and less than 24hrs later I have a shiny new copy of Rubber Soul on vinyl! Not much I can add to whats been said of this album over the years, its utterly timeless and finely crafted musical genius at its very best. The stereo mix adds real depth to the songs and as always, the Bass on the vinyl is superior to any other format, crystal clear sound, no crackles or interference of any kind, vinyl & packaging is in perfect condition. So glad to add this to my vinyl collection at last! Highly Recommended.

- blaise_davis

Fantastic pressing, probably the best I have come across over the last few years, the record does not seem to produce any surface noise and the mono recording is just brilliant, why oh why can't other vinyl records be produced like this. If your a Beatles fan don't hesitate to by the on vinyl and hear them as they were originally recorded.

- ty_sanders

Great album, came in great condition! Arrived quick and not one damage on the cover. Great gift for someone who loves the Beatles.

- marilyn_ramirez

Bought to replace my original Rubber Soul cd which has mysteriously disappeared from my collection but haven't played it yet.

- harley_johnson

This is music that I like and know and I was happy to receive

- walker_wilson

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