Rubie's Men's Marvel: Avengers 4 Deluxe Captain America Costume & Mask Adult Costume

Rubie's Men's Marvel: Avengers 4 Deluxe Captain America Costume & Mask Adult Costume

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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This costume looks really good plus it even looks good with some marvel legends I even got the mask and gloves to go with the costume and I got a xl size

- elliott_reyes

So, the good first - it worked admirably. The mask was worthless, but that's okay, because I had a separate mask. Otherwise, the costume was a decent fit, albeit a little snug around the chest, and it looked pretty good on me from the front. The foam muscle on the chest was somewhat silly on me if someone was looking at me from the side, and I couldn't see my feet past the chest, but other than that, it was fine, and it would have been good for people with smaller chests and shoulders.

Now for the bad - this costume just falls apart with a quickness. Most of the velcro tore off, and the velcro that didn't got stuck to my undershirt, preventing me from closing the back, or stuck to the costume itself, ripping at the fabric somewhat. Seams popped everywhere on the costume as well, with little resistance to even the slightest force against them. Granted, I didn't expect the costume to last, but I only wanted to wear it four times, and it barely survived that long. For the price, you get what you pay for, I suppose, but it'd be nice if it was a little more durable. My son is only just getting into superheroes, so my use for this costume could have gone past Halloween. Also, like I mentioned, the mask it came with is terrible - uncomfortable and too small for a grown man's head. Would have preferred it came without the mask, honestly. Finally, for all the padding the costume had in the chest, shoulders, arms, and legs, it had absolutely none for the waist and thigh region. That's not necessarily bad or good, but it left nothing to the imagination insofar as modesty is concerned. Thank goodness my shield covered that area while I was taking my son trick-or-treating, otherwise the cops might have been called.

So, if you're looking for a costume that you only wanna wear for a party or two, this is a great pick, though you should go a size up if you're on the more muscular side of things. But if you wanna get some mileage out of it - cosplay, playing with the kids, or just playing by yourself (I don't judge) - you should consider investing into something of higher quality.

- hazel_nelson

The costume looked great after a little altering !

- aaron_rivera

Got this awesomeness and, according to the sizing by Rubie’s I was supposed to get an XL (jacket size 44-46). There was tons of room in it and I thought I’d have to return it. Turns out all I needed to do was put on clothes underneath and it filled out nicely! Also the belt was WAY to big for my 36 waist, so I added velcro (easy purchase from any store) and voila! Perfect fitting Captain America outfit!

The mask is the only thing about it I hated so I paired the jumpsuit with a purchase from Amazon for a Cap helmet. Added from Amazon also was gloves. The shield is from Party City but you can find it on Amazon also.

Thanks Rubie’s!

- kimberly_murphy

It is a cool costume, although the chest padding is a bit much. The color is bright and looks really neat.

Unfortunately the first one I got had one of the straps near the shoulders sewn on wrong so it kind of stuck out. I returned it and got another one but the 2nd one was sewn off-center where the top and bottom are sewn together (see image). Guess you should expect some kind of error on a costume at this price if it happened to me twice. Should still be fun to wear for Halloween.

- cole_anderson

The details on the main portion of the costume are great.

However there are a few problems with it.
There needs to be a better way the back closes. It needs a couple more Velcro strips or a zipper.
And the shoe covers are ridiculous!!! I ordered the XL costume, which was just a little big one me. (That is no big deal) But the shoe covers on the XL probably would not cover a size 5 shoe.
Wearing it like I did at dark was no big deal but for a contest or day time wear it would look absurd.

- chelsea_watson

This is great looking costume. Very good colors, good material. However, my wife slit a seam and removed the large piece of cotton from the chest area. It is un-needed, and only causes it to bunch up when you sit down. After this was done the costume looked great.

- winter_carter

The chest has a ridiculous amount of padding in it. Absolutely unnecessary for anyone that doesn't have a sunken chest.
To make it worse the vendor doesn't allow returns.


- maxwell_allen

Worth the price. Adding at least one pocket would make the suit more practical👍🏼

- maxine_kelly

Really good quality product. I wear size 38” jacket and this fitted well.

- florence_richardson

Taglie un pelo sopra alla media ma con qualche aggiustamento lo si può adattare

- tiffany_richardson

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