RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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I don't know what the deal is lately but you guys need to get it together. I spend 25$ a season, i own every season. I shouldn't have to wait over 24 to 48hrs sometimes to watch something I've purchased. It's not like we're getting it for free on here. Please give us every episode around midnight, or I'm not buying any more seasons on Prime.

- miller_gomez

I have no problem with the show overall, I do, however, have a problem with having to wait days for episodes to stream. I can watch spoilers and half of the episode and spoilers for free on youtube. This should be fixed right away.

- charles_carter

I am stalling on buying because season 10 and all-stars 4 have been so delayed with releasing the episode. I always end up watching it elsewhere first or things always get spoiled for me before Amazon releases it. maybe I will wait to buy if at all... hmm...

- julie_moore

I was optimistic when last week's episode was available Friday like at 1/2 am when I watched it.
Now it's time for Episode 4 and is 3/22, Friday, 6:48 am. No episode 4.
So they are screwing with us again, like they did with AllStars. SMH.
And this absolutely sucks, I love RuPauls shows and will spend my money buying the seasons every time they come out....even with the terrible customer satisfaction! They know they have us and can treat us like this because we are going to still buy it. UGH! WTH!
Its unfair to the Queens and to Mother Ru, because so far its been an amazing season with amazing Queens...but im giving this only 2 stars because it is just not right that we get screwed with our viewings.

- alora_jimenez

While I love the show, I cannot fathom why some episodes are uploaded right away while others takes DAYS....As a paying customer I would really like to watch my show in a timely manner after it has aired not the next week. Amazon Prime Video team get your Sh!t together.

- ryan_nelson

You did this last season, and now this season it gets later by later. Not cool, if you're gonna spend money to watch something you would like to see.

- magnolia_wood

I am completely out of patience--I pay too MUCH money to be able to watch this show on Amazon Prime's platform to constantly have to wait days upon DAYS to watch the latest episode, LATE AF. By this point all the good parts have been spoiled by social media and memes, which have been more a more reliable source to get the tea from than the original source--THE SHOW I PAY $25 TO BE ABLE TO WATCH IN A TIMELY MANNER. I don't know what I'm gonna do next season, but either Amazon needs to get it's sh!t together or I may just get a prehistoric cable subscription and cancel my Amazon Prime membership altogether.

- amani_reyes

I have been buying Drag Race season passes for several seasons now. My only critiques are that they are not released as early as I’d like, but that’s also to be expected when relying on this format. The other issue I have is that I wish the after show and other specials they run while the show is airing were also available on this season pass.

- maxine_kelly

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