Sabrina (1995)

Sabrina (1995)

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There were great things expected of Julia Ormond circa 1994-95 with this film as well as "Legends of the Fall" in which she co-starred with Brad Pitt. Because both films either underperformed or were met with mixed critical reaction Ormond's career kind of fizzled which is kind of a shame. She is quite good here assaying the transformation from ugly duckling to elegant swan quite convincingly. This is also a departure of sorts for Harrison Ford playing the uptight erect business tycoon who allows his heart to be stolen by the upstart chauffeur's daughter. The chemistry between the two is indelible and palpable. I also liked Greg Kinnear in his screen debut as Ford's ne'er-do-well younger brother. Kinnear was previously best known as the host of the E! Channel's "Talk Soup". "Sabrina" is a throwback because it is an adult film in the strictest sense of the term. There is zero on-screen sex or nudity and I couldn't recall a single swear word. The film derives its romanticism by the simple art of conversation. I don't assign this film the full five star treatment because it kind of meanders before arriving at its inevitable conclusion. I would have trimmed possibly fifteen or twenty minutes from the film's 127 minute running time to relieve the occasional tedium. Regardless, a nice film for those lamenting the loss of honest-to-goodness love stories in this day and age.

- novalee_johnson

I had seen the original version of this film with Audrey Hepburn and after watching this newer version, I must say, I was pleased seeing Julia Ormond doing justice to the plot just as well as Audrey Hepburn did. The plot is similar to the original version in that the two wealthy brothers vie for the love of their choffeur's daughter. There are some funny scenes in the movie but the main theme of the movie is romantic with some interesting underlying subplots involving character's struggles in carrying out their daily lives. I thought the acting by Julia Ormond deserved 4.5 stars with 3.5 stars for Harrison Ford and 3 for the rest of the lead characters. Overall, the plot was quite interesting and kept me glued to the screen to the end, even though I knew how it would end. It is a family-oriented movie and fun to watch, with neither sex nor violence, so I recommend it to all ages older than 12.

- briar_moore

Well, when this first came out, I said "I hate remakes", as I grew up with Bogart playing Linus and lovely A. Hepburn playing the title role. Well, one night on Netflix, I had nothing else to watch on the tube, and I do like Harrison Ford, so what the heck! It took me a little while to adjust to a movie that didn't quite follow the plot of the original, but once I got into it, I LIKED it! In fact, unlike the original, I bought this DVD and have watched it several times. For once, unlike with so many remakes, I can honestly say that I like THIS one better than the original. In fact, I've come to realize how terribly wrong-cast was Bogart for the role of Linus, and how well Ford handles the role. Love a good mature romance!

- brayden_bailey

My all time favorite movie ---- can't say enough good things about it --- Julia Ormond was a perfect fit for the part of Sabrina and Harrison and Kinnear were excellent as well. And great supporting actors -- especially Nancy Marchand. Would highly recommend to others ----- its one of those rare movies that you can watch over and over again.

- kenzie_cooper

Well first of all, Linus (Harrison Ford) looked SO much older than Sabrina that I thought he was her dad. So when *SPOILER* he kissed her, I was disgusted for the thirty minutes it took me to realize that he actually wasn't. It left me a sour taste in my mouth, something that even the finest meal by Gordon Ramsay wouldn't even begin to combat. Then, the whole drama between Linus and David was wildin' and frankly, I don't understand how David could slice his tushie by sitting on a wine glass. In the end, Sabrina cLeArLy ends up with the wrong person, and she takes back Linus, who obviously was using her the whole time and will probably go on to make some Parisian business in the which he completely ignores her #sabrinadeservesbetter2k19 I was left to scream at the TV for the last thirty minutes. When Sabrina saw Linus on the street in Paris, she should have made like a tree and GOTTEN OUT OF THERE but instead she was wooed by his gray, old man hair and was instantly swept back into a life of treachery. Meanwhile, David is left to run the company instead of being able to freely sit on MORE wine glasses as he chooses, probably being forced to spend the rest of his life crying himself to sleep over the utter lack of Sabrina in his life. Also if Sabrina and Linus got married that would be wacko. Basically the whole thing was a romance story with a VERY (probably at least 30 year) large age-gap that made me highly uncomfortable, and the whole stealing-the-bae-between-the-family thing was an eye-opener into a whole new world of disgust. I wish I had watched Phineas and Ferb instead.

- anaya_gonzales

One of the best remakes of a golden classic by the same name. Well worth watching no matter as a romantic evening or a night alone with a glass of wine and warm blanket. This is one of my all time favorite romances - right along with You've Got Mail, The Shop Around the Corner, Pride and Prejudice (with Mathew Macfadyen), Under the Tuscan Sun, and Lost in Austen, and People Will Talk. I highly recommend this movie, and the soundtrack. It is one of the most romantic soundtracks ever.

- serenity_richardson

Well, of course it's not as good as the original, which was filmed in 1954. This version, having been filmed in 1995, I'd say things had to be changed a little. It's a good romantic comedy... because there are a few pretty funny one-liners from the mother and from Linus's secretary. I really wasn't so happy with Harrison Ford as Linus. I'm not sure why. Maybe the obvious age difference creeped me out a bit. So, it's a definite "chick flick" as they say, romantic, cutesy, drags a little in the beginning while she's in Paris, but imo, an overall good movie... if you like that sort of thing.

- maxine_kelly

Sabrina is a cinderella type story - a chauffeur's daughter grows up in the very wealthy Larrabee household. She has always been in love from afar with the younger playboy son, David, but goes unnoticed by him. After going away to Paris and returning an elegant young woman, she finally catches David's eye. With their new relationship threatening to ruin the family business, the older brother, Linus, steps in. Over time Sabrina falls in love with Linus and he finds himself, to his shock, falling for her.

I own both this version and the Audry Hepburn / Humphrey Bogart / William Holden original. The cast of the original is an impressive line up and most of my DVD collection features old black and white movies, which I adore. Usually, I dislike remakes but I was honestly very impressed with this and surprisingly slightly prefer it. Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond have very good chemistry and Greg Kinnear is perfectly comedic as David. It's a slightly longer running time, therefore, allows more time for the relationship between Sabrina and Linus to develop, especially a scene where the pair cook clams on a beach is a lovely moment and done very well. The story has more room to breath in the modern version and it does the characters' justice.

Some viewers will always prefer originals but I would give this a go if you like the story as it is a faithful retelling with a good cast.

- liam_smith

The disc Sabrina is a premium priced Blu-Ray. The expectation reading the titles reviews for it was that although it is [supposed to be] a French import (cover), a/the soundtrack was in English, which being in the UK and being English was attractive to us.

But no, the disc is German with a German only soundtrack. It is clearly DECEITFUL and DISHONEST for the vendor to to promote a disc to the UK market knowing it has no English sound when it is promoted with such - pathetic and unacceptable. AVOID!

- brady_clark

Love this film. The original was good but I prefer this update
Definitely worth purchasing.

- nathanael_campbell

I was a little dubious about a remake of such a classic with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn but did not need to be. What a truly delightful film some great one liners from Harrison ford who as always gave a great performance and Julia Ormond was so lovely. A wonderful film.

- laylah_robinson

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