Sages: Warren Buffett, George Soros, Paul Volcker, and the Maelstrom of Markets

Sages: Warren Buffett, George Soros, Paul Volcker, and the Maelstrom of Markets

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By: Charles R. Morris, Sean Runnette, et al.

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Three titans of finance predicted the current economic crisis several years ago, but their warnings went unheeded. A New York Times best-selling author distills the wisdom of all three.

Throughout the violent financial disruptions of the past several years, three men have stood out as beacons of judgment and wisdom: Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Paul Volcker. Though their experiences and styles vary - Buffett is the canny stock-market investor, Soros the reader of shifting global tides in trade and currencies, Volcker the regulator and governor, sheriff and clean-up crew - they have very much in common.

All three men have more than 50 years of deepinvolvement in markets. All are skeptical of Wall Street frenzies. They believe that markets tend to be right, but usually only over the medium term. Today, all three are key economic advisors to President Obama.

With the benefit of his own deep understanding of markets and finance, Morris brilliantly analyzes the records of these men, distils their wisdom and experience, and argues for the importance of consistent values in navigating the treacherous terrain of today's globalized world.

The fact that each of these men saw problems in the economy and did something about it impressed me. I learned about the greed that is rampant on Wall Street.

- maci_ramirez

I listened to this book basically because I wanted to learn a bit about Soros, Buffett and Volcker, which this book was pretty good for. Certainly not a full biography, but enough to give a good intro. More than that, it was a discussion about how these three pragmatists views compared to the academics views, and basically makes the case that common sense and pragmatism wins the day both when viewed against the dogmas of the liberals or the conservative academics. Its a worthwhile read in that light and I actually found more helpful than Trillion Dollar Meltdown in understanding, at a high level, what was missed by the authorities.

- maliah_clark

See rating above

- brenna_sanders

i bought this book mainly because i wanted to read the biography of warren buffet.
having said that, i found biography on soros to be rather difficult to read, and boring.
story on volker was interesting. sotry on buffet was good.
i don't recommend this book if you're looking for investment ideas or such. but it's a god pastime book if you can understand what the heck the author is saying when he's talking about soros.

- shane_collins

The book was good. I was impressed by the description of Warren Buffet's philosophy.

- lauryn_gutierrez

great book

- hannah_young

Very good read

- sean_gomez


- david_thompson

Very bad book

- jeremiah_morales

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