Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | US Version | 128GB of Storage | Mobile Gaming Smartphone | Long-Lasting Battery | Mystic Green

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | US Version | 128GB of Storage | Mobile Gaming Smartphone | Long-Lasting Battery | Mystic Green

Posted by numero0899 | Published 9 months ago

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Purchased At: $999.99

Update 8/31/20 IF YOU DIDN'T RECEIVE YOUR WIRED AKG headphones, it's because Samsung decided not to add it to the box for US customers.
Call Samsung USA at (800) 726-7864 to request yours for free, it's a bit of a hassle, but they sent mine at the end. You haven't been scammed if you don't find the wired headphones in the box!
Original review: I say it's the best, with a grain of salt, read the cons to know why!
To start off, Samsung did an amazing job with this phone, so much that they rendered the fairly new, still very expensive, S20 Ultra, almost obsolete!
But I'm not gonna review both units here, so for those of you looking for quick pros & cons, here you go.
- AMAZING display, I had so many high end phones, including the IPhone 11 pro max and Google Pixel 4XL & even the note 10, but this screen here bests all of them. The high refresh rate, the beautiful colors, and the better ratio (it's a little wider than the S20 ultra for example), all this makes for an outstanding screen.
- Great main camera. The pictures are just perfect in almost all light conditions. I dunno how much better is the 108 MP mode, it bothered me a little that cropping a 108 MP picture didn't yield the perfect result, but all in all, the camera is top notch, in all its modes. The videos are even better. You won't find a phone with a better main camera on the market.
- The S pen is pretty useful for taking notes! I didn't feel like I needed it for anything else except, may be, for a selfie, so eventhough it isn't the biggest selling point, it's worth mentioning.
- It looks great! Yup, design wise, that phone looks really good, that it feels bad putting any covers on it. I personally just ordered a very slim, transparent case & I wouldn't recommend anything else.
There are some added gimmicky features that you can find almost everywhere online, but I personally loved the direct share, where I can show anything I want from my phone and cast it to a smart TV or one with a Google chrome cast attached to it, it happened a lot before that I needed to show many people at the same time, whatever it is that was on my phone, photos or a certain app, and that feature here makes it so easy.
- I dunno how this isn't mentioned anywhere, but the selfie camera isn't great at all in low light conditions. Yes in the morning, outdoor, it is very good, but other than that it's just not great! I could see myself buying the next Google Pixel instead, just for this.
- Battery life isn't good enough either. It's worse than my S20 Ultra, and it was no surprise, since Samsung decided to give this phone a smaller battery 🙄
I find myself charging it twice a day, which really isn't practical.
Just for those 2 points, added to the fact that it's a super expensive phone, I had to give it 4 stars.
Now if it gets the Google Pixel software for the selfie camera, and a full day of battery life that would have been the best phone ever made! But I guess we'll have to wait for next year for that!

- adalynn_thomas

Received the phone this morning, but, the phone wasn't in the box... i hope that it's an error and not a scam.

- landry_alvarez

To preface this, I am being forced to purchase a new device as all US networks are apparently no longer supporting Huawei devices in the very near future. I decided to give the Note a try as it seemed that it would keep up with my daily usage for work and I've always desired having the S pen.

I've been using this phone for a few days now and it is soooooo slow. Apps and Google searches take way too long to load. Hotspot is just downright awful. Battery life is sub par. Fast charging is much slower than what I had. Camera doesn't quite compare to my old phone's Leica camera, which I figured it wouldn't. Not sure what kind of scam this is but I'm definitely returning it. Also didn't come with earbuds or the phone clone connector. Don't get me wrong, the phone looks great. The S pen was everything I was hoping for. The screen is spectacular and super bright. The 120hz refresh rate was cool for maybe the first 10 sec, then I realized it was a pretty worthless feature. Scrolling to the end of long page in a few seconds does me no good when I'm trying to read posts or search for information on that page.

I went to AT&T to get my phone diagnosed. He tested it against his Note 20 Ultra and his phone ended up being twice as fast as mine running the same speed test, on the same network, on the same unlimited plan... all after my device took an additional 10-15 sec to connect before even starting the test.

My advice, don't waste your money. Just because Samsung markets like crazy doesn't mean their phones are any good. For a flagship device and the price point, this phone falls well short of being worth it. I came from a two year old Huawei Mate 20 Pro and it's sad that Samsung can't make a phone that is able to compete with it. Not what I expected for my first Note phone. I've never been a Samsung hater by any means, but this experience just solidifies my previous viewpoint to never buy a Samsung device. Won't make that mistake again.

I made that mistake again... In my defense, I was hoping this was an isolated incident or just a simple case of a bad device. I ordered another unlocked Note 20 Ultra from Best Busy to compare. Unfortunately for me, it was not. That device had all the same issues. Slow network speeds with AT&T (I live in a major city so this shouldn't happen, period). This phone also didn't come with earbuds so it seems like Samsung is just getting cheap on consumers.

I tried swapping the SIM card with my girlfriend's S20 and it still didn't work. All calls were sent directly to voicemail and text messages were very hit or miss. AT&T had no idea, but I'm sure it was out of the hourly employees realm to troubleshoot. I had to switch back to my Huawei Mate 20 Pro. After 10 min or so I got a couple delayed text messages that were sent days ago in response to a text I originally sent from the Note 20 Ultra. SMH...

I'm just downright confused at this point. Not sure whether it's an issue with the device or with the 5G network, or both. You also can't change which network bands you want to use, ie. turn 5G off. You can only toggle 2G on and off. My buddy has full control with his Note 10+ which is really mind boggling. Either way, both phones have been returned.

I'm self-employed and my phone is my lifeline. I don't have time to play these games or wait for Samsung to release an update. Such a shame because I really wanted to like this phone and I loved the S pen so far. Samsung just has a history of not being able to meet my expectations. The even bigger shame is that I can't upgrade to better Huawei device...

- lauren_mitchell

La pantalla se ve impresionante, se escucha mejor que ningun otro telefono que habia tenido, y hace unas fotos espectaculares, ademas que para el trabajo las funciones del lapiz me van genial, me ha encantado!

- deborah_kelly

I do not recommend buying. the charger stopped working after just 2 hours of use. and did not bring the headphones.

- aubrie_cooper

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