Satchmo Serenades

Satchmo Serenades

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By: Louis Armstrong

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Very good Louis Armstrong Album from his Decca years. Remember seeing it in 78rpm when I was a kid. Now I have with added songs. Good album.

- jamal_collins

Great for all you jazz lovers

- jade_martinez

outstanding and clever lyrics and music.

- hunter_flores

With classics such La Vie en Rose, A Kiss To Build A Dream On and Hank Williams' Your Cheatin' Heart, Satchmo Serenades is the perfect place to enjoy the vocal charms of Louis Armstrong. Blessed or cursed with the most unique rasp and frog-like voice, Satch knew how to make the most of his vocal limitations. Like his trumpet playing his phrasing and rhythm are impecable. Then there's his skatting, check out It Takes Two To Tango or Someday, (You'll Be Sorry). It doesn't get any better than this.
Recorded between 1949 and 1953 Armstrong was no loner able to play the extended solos and hit the same high notes he had in his prime. To compensate he developed a vocal styling and let his magnificant personality shine through. Nowhere is this more appearant than on these delightful selections, eighteen in all. It's true Louis never hit a wrong note and he always knew precisely how to interpret a song.

- marleigh_jimenez

Know more for his trumpet than his vocals, I first heard this album some 45 years ago, on my father's even-older record player. What a way to blow the mind of a 5-year old kid! While I hadn't heard the music in over 40 years, I still remembered it like yesterday when I heard Louis sing and play, all over again!

Whether you want your Louis Armstrong for his mastery of the horn, or for his even more unique voice, scoop this CD up fast! You get both, and a brand new appreciation for this Master of Music. The ten bonus tracks are even more icing on this confectionary delight!

(and don't pass by his re-mastered duets with Ella Fitzgerald on other CDs. They'll charm your socks off!)

- beatrice_collins

An essential all vocal CD of Louis Armstrong, although he plays trumpet too, the emphisis is on singing. Backed by an orchestra, with pleasant arrangements. This material was originally released on LP by Decca as Satchmo Serenades, it includes some bonus tracks from another Decca release Satchmo Sings. Excellent jazz singing and trumpet playing. Essential to all jazz fans.

- carmelo_cruz

This Cd is extraordinary. But, as any Satch-lover would argue, which one isnt? But this work contains all vocals. Armstrong uses his powerful and rough voice to execute delicate and intricately beautiful sarenades. It is the real essence of any Satchmo fan. Perfectly paired with a good chardonnay =-)

- stella_adams

You're reading this because you don't own this CD. But you are also interested in and probably like Satchmo. Louis Armstrong was revered by all the jazz giants of the 30s 40s and later. If Duke Ellington thought he was the man, I have nothing to add. If you want to find out how sensational a singer he was, just buy this.

- layne_myers

Arrived safely and securely packaged for journey

- felix_rivera

Great memories. Of my parents...

- paisley_hall

聞くべしLa Vie en Roseでしょう!!



曲調や時代構成バラバラなベスト盤買うより、このSatchmo SerenadesとWhat a Wonderful Worldの2枚があれば満足です。


- zachariah_baker

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