Sea to Sea in a Model T: and the story of Henry Ford's Old Car

Sea to Sea in a Model T: and the story of Henry Ford's Old Car

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By: Don Van Polen and Fran Van Polen

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It was a hundred years ago that Henry Ford introduced the first Model T Ford. It was the car that changed America. No other product made in this country would have such a profound effect on the nation’s economy as Henry’s Old Car! Soon, one out of seven workers in America would be in the auto industry and half of all cars on the road would have the name FORD written on them. He would later build the largest factory in the world; the River Rouge Plant outside Detroit. Over 100,000 people would work there in one day.
For the next 20 years, Henry Ford would build more than 15 million Model T’s. Never were so many cars of one style built than that old car. It was the automobile that put America on wheels. Henry Ford claimed that his Model T would be the last car the country would ever need!
Join the Van Polens as they travel from the Puget Sound in Washington State to the Eastern most town and lighthouse in America. Along the way they describe the landscapes with delightful interludes of appropriate music as well as the fascinating story of Henry Ford’s Old Car.
We’ve had at least two generations of traveling in the fast lanes and freeways and it’s time to see the country from the slow lane. Slow roads have a sense of discovery; they tell us about the past and take us to places where real America lives. Driving that old car may not be the fastest way or the shortest; it may not be the easiest, but it certainly is the best way. Henry Ford’s old car was meant for those old roads
Don Van Polen is a Master Story Teller and Photographer. We have seen almost all of his programs since the first one in 1976. Don has the ability to capture the beauty around him on film, marry it with appropriate music, and bring you into the scene through his exciting description and stories about the people and location you are viewing. His humor can make you laugh and his stories can make you cry, and when the program is over you leave feeling you have personally been to the place he has taken you through pictures and stories. It is exciting to have these pictures and stories in book form for all to enjoy. I am sure Henry Ford would be pleased and proud of Don's book about his adventures in the Model T.
Bob & Gaye Evans

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