Set of 4: 5" Porsche Carrera GT 1:36 Scale (Black/Blue/Red/Yellow) by Kinsmart

Set of 4: 5" Porsche Carrera GT 1:36 Scale (Black/Blue/Red/Yellow) by Kinsmart

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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Bought this from "Pick N Save". It came, not in a box, but in a plastic tray in something like a transparent plastic bag. You could see that there had been a tray of 8 of them and it had been cut to produce 4. Not cleanly cut either. Jagged edges, uneven, like they had to cut around one car to get to the other. I couldn't gift it to my nephew. My son said they weren't Porsches either, he said they were Ferrari. I don't know nor care what one looks like vs the other, but he knows way more about cars than I do so I'm taking his word for it, not like it matters at this point. I also expected more features from die cast metal - like a trunk that opens, and other moving features besides the doors. Also it looked more like plastic than metal.

- misael_brooks

The paint on the yellow car is thin, you can see the metal right through the paint. And the packaging is a joke if you have any thought of giving these as a gift. The vacuum-formed package as been hacked (crudely) apart from a larger set. And when I tried to return them, I got a message that they're non-returnable. Amazon made an exception to that for me (thanks again), but the non-returnable status should certainly be on the page, and as the Amazon chat rep confirmed, that info was NOT on the product page. Other than the thin paint on the yellow car, the cars seem good mechanically.

- lane_long

My boys are 2 and we lost a car just like this at the store. Meltdown! Crisis averted buying online and saved a lot of money. Not only that, they each have 2 cars now. Great to look at and affordable if you just want to collect and look at. However, if your kid throws toys, including over the fence down a 20 foot bank (yes we recovered it or it would be a tragic day), these cars hold up. The old car that was lost (and later found) lost a door at some point. However, very durable even with the small parts that could break off. Highly recommend. Even for a 2 year old (though age limit is 3 I think)

- hadleigh_brown

These are the size of the pull back cars at
Walmart and Walgreens! Metal and sturdy, kids loved them!

- ryder_perez

Nice looking cars, but instead of wrapping and sending in a plastic bag - a small box would have helped.

- breanna_lewis

My dad told me he wanted a Porsche for Father's Day. He did not specify size or color, so I figured this would work! Love the weight of them, and the detailing of the cars is great.

- taliyah_garcia

This four cars in same style, just different color, come with an one piece plastic paper not even in a pack/box, cheap looking over price. Don’t buy it.

- haylee_ramos

Granpa is a Porsche fan, so grandson naturally is, too! We had to buy two sets of these: one for the collector, and one to play with. Both gift recipients were happy!!! This is a great value for the money! The sturdy construction serves well! Our little grandson loves them so much, he literally goes to sleep with them and wakes up from his nap to play again!

- dallas_kim

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