Set of 5 Women's Heathered Active Scoop Neck T Shirts, Short Sleeve Workout Tops for Gym and Yoga

Set of 5 Women's Heathered Active Scoop Neck T Shirts, Short Sleeve Workout Tops for Gym and Yoga

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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 I have really kicked up my fitness journey and wanted some inexpensive shirts that felt light when working out. I was hesitant to the 5 pack as there were no reviews but I am glad I took a chance. The quality on these shirts are amazing and feel very light. I got a size large and I weigh 165lbs and size C cup size. They are a good length and don’t feel snug at all! Highly recommend would buy again if they get more colors.

- piper_cox

I love multi-packs so getting a 5 pack of shirts is a dream come true. Here are the pros and cons of this pack:

- The colors are very nice. The only one I didn't like was the red one, which had brown undertones.
-The price was decent for a 5 pack of shirts.
-They have cute reflective dots running up the back.

Cons :
- They run a little large in the body and little tight in the sleeves (biceps are 12 inches). Giving them an odd baggy appearance in your middle and making them a little bit uncomfortable.
-They are almost entirely polyester which means they don't breathe very and they feel kind of heavy.

Overall opinion:
They are good shirts to wear when its warm but not hot outside. I would only workout in them if it were in the air conditioning.

- elaine_mendoza

I was so surprised with the quality of these shirts! They are much nicer than I expected for the price. I haven’t washed them yet, because I’m deciding whether or not to keep them as they are cut smaller than normal. I read the few reviews here before ordering, and based on them I ordered a size Large, thinking I’d rather them be a little loose instead of too tight. In shirts, I normally wear between a medium and large. There’s no way a medium would’ve fit me, and the large shirts fit, but are a bit snug/clingy overall. They’re cut very nicely and not boxy at all, which is great. The length is perfect for me, and I’m 5’6”. The shirts are long enough to cover the entire crotch area. If you’re deciding on a size, I’d recommend sizing up.

- arthur_baker

I bought these shirts but they were too small. I am a size 12-14 and I bought a large. They were fitted with no room so I wanted to exchange them. I would suggest a size up unless you want them fitted. The shirts were a good quality, soft with some stretch, and I did like the quality.

- bryan_martinez

I really like these shirts for exercising. They fit great and are a little longer than my backside. I ordered up a size for that very reason. Nice and cool to wear. Great price for the number of shirts. I would order them again.

- sawyer_patel

I guess it's my bad for not noticing the reflective dots on the back of these shirts until I bought them. What a shame because they are really good looking shirts that have a slimming effect, especially with the "matching" shorts but I can't wear them anywhere other than for a jog! What a waste of a bunch of perfectly good shirts! So great deal for the money but too bad some crzy person thought it was a good idea to put reflective dots on these. Wouldn't you think someone who wants that visability would wear a reflective vest? A few little dots don't make a hill of beans as far as being noticed while jogging but they sure ruin the shirts for everyday wear. Other beef is they don't match the shorts exactly but not a big deal as the colors mix and match well.

- jasper_james

Loved these shirts. Very soft and comfy. Orderd size large. Fits great. Does not hug my stomach area

- melania_robinson

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