Shifting for Himself, Or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortunes

Shifting for Himself, Or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortunes

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By: Horatio Alger

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Delightful book by Horatio Alger, this tale follows the life of Gilbert Greyson. He's been the ward of a businessman in New York. Suddenly, without warning, his schooling (boarding school) comes to an end. He was one year from entering Yale, so the young man is 16 and thrown upon his own resources.

Gilbert is a ward of the best friend of his deceased father. He has no idea as to the amount of his fortune, and asking his guardian provides no answers.

The guardian is not a totally terrible individual though is wife and snobbish son are dreadful -- chasers of money, greedy and unkind. Mr. Briggs (guardian) does provide $6 per week for Gilbert's room and board. Thus, with the $5 per week he (Gilbert) earns he is afforded a pretty good life for a young man in the city.

Then Mr. Briggs leaves, and his selfish wife "forgets" that her husband is to pay $6 per week toward Gilbert's board.

Of course our hero struggles. He is dismissed unjustly from his job in a broker's office as an errand boy.

And still Gilbert is kind to those less fortunate. A small flower girl is pivotal -- because Gilbert cares and is generous, he is rewarded.

I won't give away the entire plot, though if you've read Horatio Alger for any length of time you'll know. This book is well written, exciting and shows virtue is its own reward. I'm glad I read it and will read it again.

- albert_robinson

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