Shining in the Dark

Shining in the Dark

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By: Hans-Åke Lilja - editor, Jacques Roy, et al.

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Hans-Åke Lilja, founder of Lilja's Library, has compiled a brand-new anthology of horror stories to celebrate 20 years of running the number-one Stephen King news website on the web! 

This anthology includes both original stories like a brand-new novella by John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), very rare reprints like "The Blue Air Compressor" by Stephen King, and at least one classic tale that inspired Lilja's love of the macabre at a very young age! 

Now, let's join Lilja.... He's already waiting for us, there ahead in the darkness.... You see him, don't you? Just keep walking, you'll find him soon enough, we promise.... He's there, shining and waiting for you.... Take his hand and then you, too, will shine in the dark!

Table of contents:

  • "Celebrating 20 Years of Lilja's Library (An Introduction)" by Hans-Åke Lilja
  • "The Blue Air Compressor" by Stephen King
  • "The Net" by Jack Ketchum and P. D. Cacek
  • "The Novel of the Holocaust" by Stewart O'Nan
  • "Aeliana" by Bev Vincent
  • "Pidgin and Theresa" by Clive Barker
  • "An End to All Things " by Brian Keene
  • "Cemetery Dance" by Richard Chizmar
  • "Drawn to the Flame" by Kevin Quigley
  • "The Companion" by Ramsey Campbell
  • "A Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe
  • "A Mother's Love" by Brian James Freeman
  • "The Keeper's Companion" by John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • "Celebrating 20 Years of Lilja's Library (An Afterword)" by Hans-Åke Lilja 

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