Silver Buffalo HP12093D Harry Potter House Slytherin Crest Caldron Ceramic 3D Sculpted Mug, 20 oz

Silver Buffalo HP12093D Harry Potter House Slytherin Crest Caldron Ceramic 3D Sculpted Mug, 20 oz

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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When I ordered the product I thought I would love this mug. Sad to say, that's not the case. I brought it to work and have had it sitting on my desk. randomly throughout the day, even when the mug was empty I would hear a random 'ping' happen, like the sound of a rock hitting the windshield. I looked into the bottom of my mug I used for less than 1 day and had never microwaved or washed in the dishwasher and saw cracks that were spreading. (You may be able to make them out in the pictures I've attached, but they can be a little hard to see since they are hairline.) I was also disappointed because the crest behind the badger is quartered green and yellow, not black and yellow. In short, would not buy it again.

- eva_reed

Let me begin by saying that this item is by no means "bad." I like the overall appearance and link to a beloved property. However, there are some discrepancies between the product advertised here and the actual object which I received. I believe that it is worth outlining the differences here in order to educate others who may be thinking about purchasing this item.

The first thing I noticed upon receiving this item is that it is not actually black and white, despite being both pictured and described that way on it's item page. The spaces which are shown as white are actually painted light grey, and rather poorly at that. The color frequently bleeds off into the other colored areas giving the goblet a somewhat unprofessional look. (See pictures.)

Secondly, it is printed right on the product packaging that this vessel holds 14 ounces of fluid and NOT 20 ounces as is advertised right in the item description. That's a whole ¾ cup difference!

Third, some of the detailing which is shown in crisp sharp relief in the item pictured on the webpage is actually somewhat blurred and subdued on the product which I received.(see pictures also). It makes me suspect that when producing this for mass market release inferior castings were churned out.

Lastly, (and this is really a minor point,) there is a lip that overhangs the inside of the cup which means that no matter how severe the angle you tilt the goblet, you will never get those last few drops of your beverage.

All of that said this is still a really cool drinking vessel, but one should be aware when purchasing of the inaccuracies inherent in what is portrayed here versus what you actually get. I think the advertised product has a more elegant feel over all, but the reality of the goblet is still pretty good.

- demi_james

Let me start off by saying this is a huge mug. As an avid coffee drinker who loves large coffee mugs, I think this one is beyond large and coffee or tea will easily get cold in it.

The ceramic is cheap and thin which is probably why it's hand wash only and you can't microwave it.

I would suggest you save your money and buy a quality mug. I think this one may end up being a pen holder.

- thatcher_campbell

I love making coffee in this. It makes you feel like you're actually making potion: adding cream/sugar then stirring and then having the steam rise... it was an unexpected surprise how it made me feel. I felt like a kid with a science set... maybe I'm just a huge Harry Potter nerd but I LOVE it! Durable and holds 20oz. Quite large and you can fit all fingers in the handle, which I like since I'm a klutz. Couldn't be happier and it's a great price. Official HP/Warner Bros merchandise.

- autumn_howard

Has a nice big handle. Bought for my husband and he can easily hold it with the big handle. The sides are pretty thick and hold in heat well. Love the way it looks. Came it a nice clear box to protect it and would be easy to wrap and give as a gift.
4 months later and this mug now has quite a few hairline cracks along the inside. I can't tell if it's just the paint or if it goes further through the mug. We have never put this mug in the dishwasher or microwave. There are also a few deep spots inside the mug where the "feet" meet the mug on the bottom and where the handle is that absolutley can not be cleaned. I've tried tiny scrub brushes, sponges, nothing can get in there. It totally grosses me out but it's my husband's mug and he still uses it. It looked nice in the beginning but it doesn't seem to be made well to hold up to actual use.

- anders_alvarez

Its a nice mug, shaped as pictured, it feels very fragile like dropping it at all will be the only time it ever gets dropped, there are little dents in the inside where the legs are attached that sugar tends to sink into and then it wont stir into my tea/its a bit hard to wash those, but otherwise a really lovely cup that I would definitely buy as a gift for any HP lover.

- oakley_kelly

Looks great and is really big! Have it pictured next to a regular sized mug. I bought this with every intention of actually using it around Halloween. It made some cracking noises when I put some hot coffee, but so far everything seems fine. I will keep an eye on it though.

- andrew_flores

I adore this mug! But unfortunately, it needs retired :-( basically, the issue is that the handle has a hollow spot where gunk collects. It would be easy to clean if the handle was completely hollow so i could feed a pipe cleaner through. But since it doesnt, you cant actually tell if you have dug all the mildew out. I dutifully hand washed it and used a q-tip to wipe out the black gunk, but the cotton swab somehow broke off inside of it and is hopelessfully jammed 😭 😭 😭
RIP favorite coffee mug. You were loved despite your design flaw.

- dalary_wilson

Si eres fanatico de Harry Potter está taza te sentará de maravilla.
Se ve muy bonita y es algo más grande que las tazas habituales. Incluso si no la quieres usar para tu café en la mañana, la puedes utilizar de adorno en tu colección y se verá muy lindo.
A pesar objeto frágil lo recibí en su cajita sin ningún rasguño.

- maria_hernandez

Fue para un regalo y mi amiga quedó fascinada. Tal vez le cabrán 2 veces lo de una taza normal.

- henry_moore

It was an early Christmas present for my friend who loves anything to do with Harry Potter. Worth the price of her face when she opened it. Arrived early too.

- angelique_ross

Son muy bonitas, y les cabe mucho contenido pero al ser de ser cerámica se sienten frágiles, a un mes las compré y una ya se despostillo de una orilla.

Al tomarla por primera no quería llenarla con un líquido caliente por temor a que se quebrara con el cambio de temperatura pero al parecer no tiene problemas con eso. Es una pierna que no se pueda meter al microondas

- aadhya_lopez

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