Skeleteen Wizard Glasses and Tie - Maroon And Gold Dress Up Tie and Black Round Glasses Set - 1 Pair

Skeleteen Wizard Glasses and Tie - Maroon And Gold Dress Up Tie and Black Round Glasses Set - 1 Pair

Posted by jack_miller | Published 5 months ago

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The garnet color is more of a purple than red. It totally clashes with the red lining of my son's robe that we got at universal studios. It's a decent satin material tie other than the color being off. I wish I had read reviews before I purchased it though to save the hassle of having to return it. The glasses are nice, not cheap feeling. If you want a prop, this is a great, affordable choice. If you want authentic, look for another tie.

- jackson_martin

I was so disappointed. Thankfully no opened this without my kid around as it needs to go back immediately. Why Amazon would ship.a broken item I don't know. The glasses are the correct size and shape. The frame seems sturdy but one eye was missing the lens! The tie is a tad short for an adult and filled with a soft foam like material making it difficult to tie. Worse, it started breaking before we had a chance to Eve tie it on!

- cayden_green

Bought this set for my son’s Halloween costume. Opened the package and there were no glasses and the tie was wrinkled and dirty, like someone had worn it. Returning immediately!

- kaylin_wright

This was perfect for a little photo-op. The glasses are of course and sturdy as they can be for less than $10.00. The tie came perfect and I am so happy with how my look turned out.

- trevor_murphy

nice cheap, quick costume accessories. worked ok for my purposes (a harry potter trivia night i hosted) but probably better quality out there somewhere. a little more purple than maroon in the tie, someone asked me if i was wearing it because the lakers were playing hahaha anyway not bad and cool that it came with the glasses.

- yahir_lewis

They were cute and well made, but just not cute on me. I normally look sexy in glasses, but not these. They're really small and actually fit my face, but just didnt give me that sexy nerd look I was looking for. More like actual harry potter haha. The tie was really thick and nice.

- abigail_martinez

Extreme metamerism in this tie. Fancy way of saying it appears as very different colors depending on the lighting. It is a pretty good match for the maroon I wanted in my living room, but it is straight up purple outside and in other rooms. I guess it's kind of magical, but probably not a quality yoh want if you're looking for a Harry Potter tie. The glasses are fine. A little flimsy. The nose bridge was bent. I had to bend it back into place and was a little worried I would break them. The bridge is also slightly wide for my child. But overall, I think they look pretty good and am happy with the glasses. Not the tie.

- ryker_walker

I bought this set for my son's Halloween costume for work. The effect was there but there were some quirks. The glasses were flimsy and seemed like they might break. And this deal would've been an even better deal with a wand. Overall, he liked it and got great reviews on his Harry Potteresque costume.

- maleah_morales

El color no es borgoña, es un tono tirándole más a morado. Fuera de esta diferencia de color, cumple su propósito.

- xiomara_mitchell

Excelente calidad, llegaron en perfecto estado ambas piezas. Sin duda volvería va comprarlas.

- porter_ross

Considero que es un excelente producto considerando el precio. La corbata dependiendo de la luz puede verse morada pero es de buena calidad así como los lentes. Llego casi una semana antes, estoy muy feliz con mi compra.

- kailyn_smith

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