Snail Mail, No More

Snail Mail, No More

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By: Ann M. Martin and Paula Danziger

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An acclaimed sequel from two of the best-selling children's book authors of all time -- now with an exciting new cover!

Elizabeth and Tara*Starr are best friends living in totally different parts of the country. They used to write letters to each other, but now they're both addicted to e-mail. Now they can share their problems instantly . . . and lately they've needed to do that a lot. Responsible, shy Elizabeth is getting used to her parents' separation and the way her family is spinning out of control. Loud, melodramatic Tara*Starr is dealing with some serious sister issues, as well as the growing differences between her and Elizabeth.
Will the distance tear their friendship apart forever?
This book was for my sister and she loved it. This was the 1st book that got me interested in reading so I thought it was a good idea to give it to her so she can get to reading

- kaylie_jackson

Happy to say this purchase arrived quickly and in the condition as stated on the website.

- axl_thomas


- eve_scott

This is the second book about Tara-Starr and Elizabeth--best friends from when they were little. In the last book, Tara-Starr had just moved and she and Elizabeth were corresponding through the mail. Tara-Starr supported Elizabeth through Elizabeth's father's drinking and loss of his job and then his abandonment of his family. Elizabeth supported Tara-Starr when her irresponsible parents got responsible and decided to have a baby.

At the start of this book, the two girls are getting ready for eighth grade. This year they are also getting e-mail! It seemed that the lives of Tara-Starr and Elizabeth had finally calmed down. But then through their e-mails we learn that Tara-Starr is still resentful of her coming sibling and Elizabeth is still having trouble accepting her father's problems. Both are having triumphs and tribulations at school with friends and with boys. Can their long-distance friendship survive another year?

I liked the unpredictability of the story. It seemed realistic instead of fictional. I liked that everything didn't work out into a happy ending, and I liked the ways Elizabeth's and Tara-Starr's families related, and how the girls interacted with their friends. However, some of the ways the letters back and forth were worded seemed too adult for people this age. The writing wasn't as authentic as it could have been.

- colette_walker

The sequel to P.S. Longer Letter Later is as interesting and funny as the first. Snail Mail No More continues where P.S. Longer Letter Later left off. Tara*Starr and Elizabeth are extremely excited about discovering e-mail. This way, they can keep in touch better. In eighth grade, both girls face challenges. Tara*Starr deals with becoming a big sister after thirteen years of being an only child. She deals with her mother's frail pregnancy also. After Elizabeth's drastic lifestyle change in P.S. Longer Letter Later, she feels happy until her alchoholic father appears in her life. Both girls grow and change a lot in this book. It is a fun and thought provoking read.

- london_jackson

I think this book is a must read because it reflects so many things that really go though girls life. This is a wonderful story of 2 girl bestfriends and their struggles through their relationships, because Tara has moved to Ohio and Elizabeth is left alone. Elizabeth does make new friends but sometimes she feels bad because Tara thinks they are replacing her and that Elizabeth goes to them first foe her problems. Tara is not the only one who feels that way, Elizabeth feels the same way but not so strongly about the conflict. In this story it takes you through the pain of Elizabeth's father leaving them and becoming an alcoholic. It also takes you through the birth of her new sibling, and the complications of the pregnancy and jelousy from Tara. I really hope you take my advise and read this amazing story.

- clara_myers

I am a 30 year old and after reading this novel (in one night) I was taken right back in time to my teen years just as I was in the original book PS Longer Letter Later. A fellow younger reviewer felt some of the behavior and language of the characters especially TaraStarr did not ring true, but in my opinion that is not the case. There is always those few that go their own way and thats Tara as you see in her emails to Emily the much more conservative teen. Through these emails you see the girls discovering the pain and pleasure of growing up while trying to keep their friendship going despite the miles between them. Time and again they point out to each other how different they are but in the end despite having other "best friends" they always come back to each other. I also have to disagree with the recommended age on this book I am a Teen librarian and have PS in my Teen area where it goes out a bunch I just had the childrens area give me Snail Mail which I had not yet ordered and now do not have to. This really is a book about middle schoolers that deserves to be read by middle schoolers and anyone who has any interest in middle schoolers (especially those like myself who work with this age).

- ameer_garcia

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