SOBE Elixir, Pina Colada, 20 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

SOBE Elixir, Pina Colada, 20 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

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I don't like this stuff but my wife drinks this more than water. She says it tastes better than unicorn blood. For the love of God put it back in stores so I can save me some money.

- rowan_flores

Exactly as expected but this flavor is very hard to find nowadays so the value for the money is a little off. We moved and it is not available in our area except Panda Express had it and they just discontinued it and switched to a different brand. So we are no longer able to get it anywhere. Really wanted to surprise my kid with it for a birthday present so I paid this high price but feels priceless when they opened their gift and realized they finally got one again and got this whole case. Would consider purchasing continuously if the price was a little cheaper.

- zachariah_baker

The drink itself is great. I usually have one a day. Nice crisp citrus taste without the syrup feel.

But be careful of pricing! Check SoBe's product locator for local prices. Prices on Amazon will fluctuate so sometimes you get a great deal.

- braydon_gonzales

Love this product and sad that it is no longer made.

- alexa_cook

iv'e been drinking this stuff for 10 years and i really like this drink. i drink this at least seven times a week. at work we are only allowed to have water but i sneak my Sobe in. i miss the lizard lightning flavor and they haven't sold it in eight years. please bring it back as well as the yumberry pomegranate and dragon fruit.

- jaxon_baker

Taste great and I wish I could order it on. Subscribe and save but it's like $30 for a 12 pack that's a tad high for amazon.

- jaxson_ward

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