SQL For Beginners SQL Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide to SQL Programming for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced User (Including Projects and Exercises)

SQL For Beginners SQL Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide to SQL Programming for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced User (Including Projects and Exercises)

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By: Craig Berg

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You Are About To Learn How To Use SQL Programming Language Like A Pro Even If You’ve Never Used It Before!

With so many programming languages out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed on which programming language to learn next.

Let me help you make that decision….

Every website, computer system or web application relies on data and will have a database. This means learning about these is without doubt an invaluable skill that you MUST learn.

That’s where SQL comes in to take your ability to make sense of data from zero to levels you’ve never thought possible

So if you’ve been hearing about data, databases and SQL but couldn’t make out what they all stand for, why they are important and what they do, this book is for you….It is a complete guide to SQL.

Say goodbye to the fragmented, and incomplete online tutorials that you’ve found that don’t walk you by the hand to get an insider look into SQL. And even if you’ve just found a job that requires you to learn SQL, you will find this book handy in getting you to start using SQL as if you’ve known it for years!

If you don’t have the time and money to waste learning SQL in a formal class setting or in online courses, this book will be sufficient to get you to understand SQL to a level where you can use it effectively at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

In it, you will:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of databases, including the different types of databases, their pros and cons so that you have a good understanding of where SQL comes in
  • Get an insider understanding of relational database management system
  • Understand how to set up one of the leading database management systems
  • Understand SQL syntax like the pros do
  • Gather a comprehensive understanding of various data types in SQL
  • Understand SQL operators comprehensively
  • Know how to work with SQL databases effectively to make them do whatever you want
  • Know how to make use of SQL tables effectively
  • Get an insider understanding of SQL SELECT Query
  • Clearly understand SQL clauses
  • Clearly understand how to order SQL database contents
  • Learn the craft of SQL injections
  • Find several exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned
  • And much more!

The book takes a ‘straight to the point’ approach. It doesn’t beat around the bush in covering important concepts so you can be sure to learn SQL in as little as a day or two to start coding immediately you put this book down. Of course, you may need to refer to it here and there when getting started as it takes a systematic approach.

The book has a well thought out flow to help you follow through everything from start to finish and is completely beginner friendly, breaking down complex concepts in a clear manner to ensure you understand SQL even if you’ve never coded before!

Don’t wait any longer….

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