SQL for Microsoft Office Access (SQL Made Simple. Book 1)

SQL for Microsoft Office Access (SQL Made Simple. Book 1)

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By: Fish Davis

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Learn SQL. Create better queries. Tame your databases.

SQL takes you 'behind the scenes' of your queries.

As a computer trainer for over 13 years and a database administrator for 15, I found that there were a lot of SQL books and classes geared toward SQL Server T-SQL, MySQL or PL/SQL.

There were, however, very few books on Access’ JET SQL - but there was a demand.

I was asked, many times, to train SQL for Microsoft Office Access, but I could never find a courseware distributor who carried the manuals.

So what could I do?
I made my own.

I train many two-day SQL classes to students who have never seen the language before.
They use Microsoft Office Access and they have heard of SQL’s power.
I had to make SQL simple enough for students to understand and interesting enough to retain.
I always started with the basics and work my way up from there.

With scores of examples, the Northwind database (which is found in Access Sample Databases) and this illustrated manual, you will be able to run your own SQL queries.

Gain the fundamentals you will need to query your databases using Jet SQL in Microsoft Office Access.

Learn how to:

•SELECT data from your tables
•UPDATE data in your database
•and DELETE records in tables
•use SUBQUERIES to ask questions of your questions
•Add It All Up with SUM
and much, much more.

Plenty of illustrated examples and a special section for test questions will reinforce your new knowledge of SQL.

Follow along with exercises by downloading the free Northwind database.
The Northwind database is available in the sample templates area of Access.

Did You Know?

Learning Access’ JET SQL is a great way to become familiar and learn other forms of SQL, like Transact.
Knowledge of SQL is an important skill to display on your resume.
SQL can be learned in hours and used for decades.

Are You Ready To Learn SQL?

Download now and start writing SQL queries TODAY!
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