Swift: Advanced Detailed Approach To Master Swift Programming With Latest Updates

Swift: Advanced Detailed Approach To Master Swift Programming With Latest Updates

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By: MG Martin

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How do you handle changes in Swift as you continue to learn how to develop IOS apps?

It is very disappointing that many new IOS developers face this issue. Apple is regularly changing rapidly.
The Swift programming language is innovative, safe and young. So, how do you stay updated with the latest information and avoid being left behind with the most recent developments?

Starters in IOS development tend to depend on Stack Overflow to find help with programming problems. In fact, many programmers tend to check on the Swift syntax on the StackOverflow. These developers cut-and-paste the code into Xcode.
Perhaps when Swift 3.0 was out, the code that you copied from StackOverflow wouldn’t work, and the reason is that it was written in Swift 2.1. In other words, your Xcode required Swift 3.0, and so, you got struck rewriting parts of the code to the newer version. And this sucks.

To help you stay updated with the latest changes in Swift programming, this book will guide you through some of the recent updates released in Swift. Whether you are a starter to IOS development, or you want to stay updated with the current changes in Swift programming language, this book will help you learn important concepts that you need to stay familiar with.
When you learn a new concept, you must have a “hook” to link new information onto. This is the way our brains work. When you don’t have this hook, you are less likely to understand anything that you try to learn.

Do you want to keep up with the latest changes introduced in Swift 5.0? If yes, then invest in this excellent book to help you master every change in Swift. Inside, you will learn:

Latest changes to Swift 5.0

-The ABI stability
-Flow control
-Strings and variables

And many more.

Don’t wait. Grab your copy today.

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