Taming Natasha: The Stanislaskis, Book 1

Taming Natasha: The Stanislaskis, Book 1

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By: Nora Roberts, Christina Traister, et al.

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a compelling story about love's softening effects on even the most guarded of hearts.

The first time single father Spence Kimball set eyes on Natasha Stanislaski, he was floored by her exotic beauty. But the former ballet dancer turned toy shop owner had a fiery temperament that kept men safely at bay. Sensing a hidden wound, Spence and his little girl joined forces to find a way into her closely guarded heart. For Spence realized he'd do anything to tame Natasha's fears...and show her how to love.

Normally I love NR's books. However this one just didn't do it for me. I found it sort of slow going. Nothing really happened that made me want to stay up late to read. It is a standalone read and a HEA eventually. The young woman owns her own toy store in a small town in W. Virginia. She is from Russia so she has that air of mystery surrounding her. Naturally she is beyond beautiful and apparently smart enough. the hero is a widower with a 6 year old daughter. He is a brilliant composer, wealthy, also a professor at the local university. he has a past as well.

They both have a sad past. They eventually start sleeping together and he seems to be more vested in the relationship than she is. She had her heart broken when she was 17 by a jerk so her whole life has been put on hold so that won't happen again. She just didn't do it for me. I got so tired of her Woe is Me over her past and how she is still letting this jerk control her - even though she said she was young when all this happened so how can she really be held totally accountable. I have to wonder where was the overprotective brother when she was dating this jerk? But it is a good enough story even though it is slow. It just didn't seem like Nora Roberts to me. Quite often I was bored.

I was not paid for this review. I am not an author nor do I know one. I am not kin to this writer (even tho my name is Roberts :-). I am a reader and this is my opinion, nothing more, nothing less 6/20/17.

- lina_mitchell

Natasha owns a toy store, designed to reach out to children and parents alike. While she plainly loves children, she has been badly hurt and is determined not to care about any man again. Spence was a composer who has not been able to compose in several years. His focus, these days, is on his daughter, Freddie, and teaching at the local college. He isn't interested in caring for any women, just bring Freddie up to be a happy, outgoing child.

When these 2 meet in the toy store, there is an instant attraction that proves difficult for everyone, but Freddie. As they are drawn together, caring and loves grows, despite reluctance on her part.

A well plotted book, by a master writer with likable characters, you wish were friends, and a well developed sense of place, people and emotional problems to overcome.

- tucker_ward

I always enjoy Nora Roberts novels. I love the character development and the plot twists. I enjoyed the banter between characters and the sex scenes were what would you expect if you have read a Nora Roberts romance before. I would recommend this book for anyone who has a few free hours and wants to have a quick but excellent read with a HEA. This is an older Roberts romance with a new cover.

- bexley_harris

This is a really old book. You can tell by the chicken pox thing since the vaccine came out in 1995 and reduced infections by 90%. Also the reference to going to Europe for an abortion. This is not one of her best at all. Still, I have read The Witness several times and is great. I wish they would post that this was originally blah blah title from 1990 or whatever. Some of her stuff she wrote years ago were better than the usually harlequin books but that’s still the level of this book.

- willa_turner

Taming Natasha is the first of six books in Norah Roberts' fine and fascinating series on the Stanislaski Family. It's NOT a new series of books, so if you've been reading Nora for a couple of decades, as I have, you've probably already read all six and enjoyed them once. They're worth another read and these e-versions definitely belong on the Kindles of Nora's devoted fans. Just be careful and try to read them in order; Amazon doesn't make this easy because on the KINDLE Bookstore site, if you search for "Stanislaski series" you'll be taken to a page that has the first two (or maybe three) in the order in which they were written, but gets the others all mixed up! To help you out, here is the chronological order of the series (and a couple of words on the relationship with Natasha of each protagonist):
1. Taming Natasha
2. Luring a Lady, featuring Mikhail, Natasha's brother.
3. Falling for Rachel, featuring Rachel, Natasha's sister.
4. Convincing Alex, featuring Alexi, Natasha's brother.
5. Waiting for Nick, featuring Natasha's brother-in-law's brother!!
6. Considering Kate, featuring Natasha' s daughter.
In all of the books, you'll also meet or renew your relationship with Mama (Nadia) and Papa (Yuri) Stanislaski. Enjoy!

HOLD THE PRESSES. AN UPDATE: As of Jan. 15, 2014, Amazon's Kindle Store is offering, for a great price, the ebook Stanislaski's Bundle 1 of 2: Considering Kate\Convincing Alex\Falling for Rachel (Bundle 2 will follow). Note, however, that once again, the publisher managed to mess up the order in which the books should be read for the best reader enjoyment! Amazing!! But for the price, it's a very good deal, and one that I missed, but you shouldn't.

- quinn_ramos

I love Nora Roberts books and thought I had read everything she had written but some how I missed this one. It started out great but half way through it got boring, got tired of all the angst, can never trust again ect. And just started skimming thru the pages just to get thru the bk. Never have done that with any Nora Roberts books until this one. It must have been one of her first.

- melany_alvarez

I am a long time fan of Nora Roberts but this book needs revisions to bring it up to date in the "Me, to" world. The male protagonist touches and kisses the female not only without consent but even after she tells him no. It is an excellent story and Robert's typical excellent writing but I kept getting jerked out of the story every time he misbehaves. I try to make allowances for the era of the story or attitudes when it was written. If not, I couldn't have finished it.

- callan_watson

I have never believed that a child can be illegal...sometimes, it takes the parents time to count their blessings!
I have lived parts of this book, and I know about happy endings.
Nora Roberts once again has captured all the emotions of these people and given them to us to Love too!
A superb storyteller!

- ellen_king

A very typical Nora Roberts - one knows the ending as soon as one starts, but smoothly written, she is pretty well incapable of writing badly. A few notes J D Robb in it - the best bits.
One has to be patient to find out what has happened in the past but it is all made clear.

- miya_long

It's an ok story, one of those where the ending is obvious within the first few pages. If I had realised it was published by Mills and Boon I wouldn't have bought it.

- oaklee_adams

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