Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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I normally don't watch cook shows but I love this show! I was hooked from the first episode and proceeded to binge watch all four seasons. This show really did an excellent job show casing the Nordic way of life!! Great writings and gorgeous cinematography. Tareq is very charismatic and natural in front of the camera. Every episode is an escape to a slice of nordic paradise. I picked up some good cooking techniques and also it makes me be conscious about clean healthy eating. Definitely want to save up and travel to Scandinavia.

- emory_miller

I am planning a trip to Scandinavia in the fall and happened upon this series. I am in love! Each episode travels to a different area of Scandinavia .Tareq cooks a meal using local ingredients. He carries along equipment to cook most of his meals outside. I have gotten many ideas to try. A wonderful series!

- kynlee_turner

Techniques you can apply to you own cooking, just demonstrated with interesting natural products from the Nordic region. Lots of beautiful natural scenery, a lesson about the area, beautifully shot. I'm so glad it's available on Amazon, because I've been looking for this show everywhere!

- tyson_white

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