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It came right away, thanks

- madden_ross

This was the very first Robin Cook book I read, so it was great to see this on film, keep up the good works, I would love to see "Harmful Intent.

- karsyn_murphy

Now this one is much better. But not without faults. Jolae

- hudson_murphy

Great movie

- viviana_hernandez

Love it. Thank you.

- griffin_nelson


- dana_flores

If you throw credibility to the wind and just enjoy the dark plot of this Robin Cook thriller, you may find TERMINAL an enjoyable little thriller. A high profile medical clinic is gaining attention as it has seemingly found a cure for brain cancer. Enter Doug Savant (Melrose Place) as a young medical student who comes to the clinic on a four month externship. He meets up with former girlfriend (the lovely Nia Peeples), and together they start wondering what is going on. Of course, in any Cook book, you know there's something devious going on. Seems like the cure works for elderly or middle aged rich men, and when a young nurse is killed, the plot thickens. Savant is a Keanu Reeves clone, making his wooden delivery work as part of the character, and Peeples provides a sharp, energetic contrast. Add Jenny O'Hara as the worst nurse since Ms. Ratched; Michael Ironside as the villainous pharmaceutical henchman; Gregg Henry as Savant's not so innocent brother; and Roy Thinnes as a concerned parent, and you have the ingredients for an above average made for t.v. thriller.

- annalee_martin

Very good product!

- cain_flores

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