The 5 Habits of a Millionaire Mind: Mindset Mastery and Daily Motivation to be Successful and Wealthy(Mindset Mastery series 1)

The 5 Habits of a Millionaire Mind: Mindset Mastery and Daily Motivation to be Successful and Wealthy(Mindset Mastery series 1)

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By: Math Turner

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Would you like “miracle “that inspires and motivates you to success and wealthiness?
I can remember clearly how scared I was the first day I started my business when nothing was certain. I was employee for 17 years with two kids and single income family. I was alone and literally started my business with just a phone, a laptop, a credit card and my 401k account.

After 17 years hard working, my manager announced about a big lay off in the company and 300 workers had to leave their job in just two weeks. And it happened just two days after we bought our beautiful home in San Antonio Texas. I was lucky because my name was not in first laid off list, but I was filling it was just a beginning and this wave will continue. I couldn’t even sleep, I had nightmare, I had to do something, but I didn’t know what!!

I decided to join to the real estate courses that offered me by one of my friends. And, I started to work on my mindset because it was clear to me “the cells in our body react to everything that our mind says”. I joined lot of leadership courses and read many motivational books. Still Whenever I needed a dose of motivation -which was frequent in the early days- I would randomly open a page in those books and read a sentence or two. Three years later I raised my capital for almost five million dollars, and I have three different businesses.

Through years of working with investors and entrepreneurs, I have discovered that some people have a seriously flawed view when it comes to money.

No matter how successful you become, at some level you are affected by your money mindset and past conditioning. I did not start out thinking or acting like a successful investor. For example, I thought I only needed to understand the how-tos of the real estate business in order to make money and build wealth. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. My real estate business didn’t take off until I started modeling my mindset, thought processes, and decisions after other wealthy investors.
As a result of my own experience and my studies of other successful investors, I have come to realize that everything starts and ends in the mind. That’s why I believe it’s essential to discuss in detail exactly how successful investors think before we dive into the mechanics and how-tos of investing.

I wish I could guarantee that this book will make you rich, skinny and happy. But you know I can’t do that.

All I can offer is the condensed wisdom of some of history’s greatest, most successful people. I still turn to their advice for encouragement myself. Whether or not you’ll take the inspiration from these words and turn it into action…. well, that will up to you.
Loved what the book had to say. However, there were a number of typos and grammatical errors that bugged me a little bit.

- alaya_stewart

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