The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree

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By: Kayla Rose

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Meet me in the meadow in twelve years.

On the evening of her eighteenth birthday, Drew Caldwell learns that her childhood best friend, River, will soon be leaving her. Crestfallen by this news, Drew devises a plan with River:

In twelve years, they will meet again in the meadow they discovered during their senior year of high school. There, they will reclaim special objects they have hidden in an old barn and wild apple tree, and they will be together again.

Drew moves on to college life, where she finds that school, friends, and boys are not exactly what she thought they’d be. As the years go by, River becomes more and more of a distant, mysterious phantom—until the unexpected happens.

A story revolving around growth and meaning, The Apple Tree is an emotional journey with the uplifting message to keep moving forward and upward, no matter what twists and turns alter your course.

Please note: The Apple Tree and The Rain in Sapphire are the only works by this author. Other works under the name Kayla Rose exist on Amazon; these are different authors who happen to share the same name.

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