The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook

The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook

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By: The Beatles

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(Guitar Chord Songbook). This great collection features all 194 songs written and sung by the Beatles, specially transcribed here for strumming guitarists, from the actual recordings, in the original keys. Each song includes chord symbols, guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics. Also features a helpful playing guide and a full discography.
This book is beyond acurate. I am not going to repeat what everyone says about the accuracy of this book, I am rather going to comment on the binding. For a 400 page book – I can see how everyone would have a hard time keeping it open while youre learning a song. I was lucky. I noticed in the options that there was a collectable for 19.99. When I checked it out, this is what it reads: 'Professional Musician Edition - The Spine Of This Book is Spiral Bound (plastic comb) - This Allows You To Lay The Book Flat - Great For Teachers, Skilled Musicians & Students etc...-' i am so glad I saw this. I ordered the 'collectable' and I am very happy that I clicked the link! The book will lay flat, will stand on a music stand etc. i recommend purchasing the one with the spiral binding. The seller (imagine-this) protected the book with cardboard and double packed it in bubble wrap envelopes. It arrived as if I picked out the best one on the shelf that was untouched. I included a couple pictures so you can see with the plastic spine looks like and how big the book is. I hope this helps – I highly recommend buying the collectible version. One reason I love is that they give you options – so far I have not been let down by them – thanks Amazon and Imagine-This! This is an unbiased opinion – I was not offered anything in return for this review – I just felt future purchasers of this book would like this information.

- caden_thompson

I like this book very much - it is Beatles chords and words from A to Z in alphabetical order.

However, there are some limitations you should note:
This is not sheet music. The melodies and rhythms are not spelled out for you. You have to know these songs before you start playing them from this book.
My biggest annoyance, as a musician, is that it is not spiral bound. You have to clip the book open, or make copies, in order to get it to lie open long enough to play from it.
This is not a TAB book. It is chord names and lyrics only.
Instead of using a capo, the book refers to "tune down a tone."

If you know Beatles music by heart already, then this is a fun reference for a sing-a-long night on the beach.

- lyanna_edwards

This is a great book for a fan of Beatles music who is learning to play guitar. Some of the chords are a little off here and there, but if you listen to the song, it's pretty easy to figure those out. Overall, a great collection and a great job transposing. Just to be clear, this is not sheet music. There are lyrics with chord charts above them. My only complaint is that the way the book is bound will keep you from being able to lay it open on a music stand or table. I read another review from another buyer who had theirs taken to a book repair shop to have the spine cut off and the pages placed into a three ring binder. That's a great idea. I used a single-edged razor blade to meticulously cut each page out, then three hole punched each page and both covers mounting them into a binder. If you are particular, fussy, ocd, or one of those people who places sentimental value on every book that you touch, or if you place a high value on your own time then take it to the book repair place to have a proper job done.

- jose_watson

They do really well covering nearly all The Beatles songs, even those ones played using a piano. Remember it’s a chord book not tab book. For any riffs or intros I just used guitartabuniverse to see what other people suggested and then added that to fill in lines that the book doesn't offer. for example,Norwegian Wood, they have the cords perfectly but are missing the hammer ones or slides however you prefer to play it. Picked up a tab from universe and bleed it with this for complete perfect. blackbird is probably one of the least acceptable versions in this book. it will work, but wasn't what I was looking for. I use it on a daily basis tho. If you use it on a MacBook you can look at two pages at once or zoom in which is annoying, sometimes I wish I bought the hard copy, but I love have the digital on the go. Its def worth the price. very happy I bought it.

- evangeline_gutierrez

This book is smaller than I thought it would be, but it's thick. The book is only 6.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches 'tall'. It is about 1 1/4 inche thick. It is not spiral bound and so it does not lay flat very well at all. After I located a song that I wanted to play, I tried to force the book to lay flat by pushing down on the spine. It didn't help much and it is frustrating when the book wants to close while you're reading it. I might have to take it somewhere to have it spiral bound. The songs are listed in alphabetical order which makes it easy to find the song you're looking for if you know the title. And here is the part that surprised me: The book contains lyrics, chord diagrams, and chord names "only". It does not show the musical "staff" lines such as EGBDF, or the spaces between the lines FACE. So, if you were planning to read music in the traditional manner, you will not be able to do so. And here is my main complaint>> Under each song title, there are illustrations that show the names of the chords and "where to put your fingers on the fret board". These illustrations are not shown "within" the song. So....., if you are not familiar with the chord names, you will find yourself having to look at the top of the page where the illustrations are located and then go back to where you were before. For me, this is awkward. Also, this book contains only those songs that were written by one or more of the Beatles. It does not contain any of the songs that the Beatles 'covered', such as Twist & Shout, Money, Boys, Chains, etc. When you look at the long list of songs in this book, you will be reminded of how prolific the Beatles were as songwriters. Love songs, ballads, folk rock, rockabilly, pop & rock. It's all here.

- gracelyn_hill

Covers the songs I wanted well and seems accurate enough from the ones I’ve tried so far. As with other complete books you do get quite a few that you either don’t want or don’t lend themselves to solo acoustic guitar. But given the price that’s fine. Only issue is that despite what another reviewer said, it doesn’t open Flat very well and tends to close itself if you don’t really fold it hard or prop the page open somehow. This extra discography was a nice bonus.

- addisyn_nguyen

Really pleased with this. Was looking to select Beatles songbook, of which there are a few, when came across this relevant YouTube review:-
"Beatles Complete Chord Songbook Review (Matt Blick)".

Bought it on basis of this great review and wasn't disappointed. Got from Musicroom with very quick (Prime) delivery.

Worth noting that this book binding allows it to stay open at the the page you select. My previous songbooks of this type have self closed - annoying!

I love it Yeah Yeah Yeah.

- sylvia_mendoza

There is such a lot packed into this book, it really is excellent value. It carries all the songs written by the Beatles and recorded by them (so not the cover versions they used in their early days and not the songs they gave away).

The book is smaller than A4 and runs to 400 pages. Each song is presented with a summary of the chords that need to be mastered and then the lyrics with the relevant chord superimposed. The effect is that the chords played form the accompaniment to the melody which is sung by the player or someone else or played on another instrument.

For anybody unfamiliar with any of the songs there is a very useful discography at the back detailing all the British releases of Beatles records, what was on them and (for the LPs) who sang each track. This will enable the player to familiarise him / herself with the melodies, which are not carried here: this is not sheet music. (For people who want sheet music, there is a companion publication).

This book is ideal for a Beatles fan and / or for someone learning the guitar who want to add to his repertoire some of the most-loved songs ever written.

- kenneth_moore

In a standard single album chord book you get about 10-15 songs. For roughly the same price I got this chord book which is absolutely packed with songs. It is amazing value for money, all the songs sound great and I have yet to find any mistakes.

If you are a fan of The this book. Also if you are just getting into playing the guitar, I would also highly recommend this book. There are a great deal of songs that are very simple to play and can really help you advance in your learning. There are also some medium skilled songs as well as some hard and very technical songs so as you progress in your learning there is always a song for your skill level.

The only way you could improve this book would be by making it a hardback as it is quite heavy and if you use it a lot, I can see the pages getting dinged up.

- jamal_collins

Needless to say really, fantastic collection, always loved The Beatles, everything sounds great, gives me accurate interpretations of my favorite songs, I always wondered what that chord was at the beginning of A Hard Days Night and now I can play it, plus it shows you what bass chord to strike in For No One to get the identical sound, so many things like that it's really a steal!

- heaven_wright

Some song tabulature is over complicated.. I find the chord changes next to impossible to make for a large majority of the songs.
(although I'm not a great great guitarist.. so maybe it's not for beginners/early intermediate guitarists)

It is however as mentioned Complete and those songs that I could play sound right!

Note that it is just chords, no tab other than the chord layout is noted.
so here comes the sun etc you will just have chords where its probably easier to do it the "right" way.

Anyway, overall I'm very happy!

- marie_gomez

This is a very comprehensive book with everything the Beatles wrote and has to be the best value for anyone wanting to learn how to play their songs! Only arrived so I haven't tried it out yet and there are some new chords in there but they are clearly shown in chord boxes above each song so it covers all the bases in trying to help one get the best out of the book! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play the Beatles. Some other books only have a few songs and cost just about as much. This book will be a constant go to source for years to come. Buy it!

- lee_richardson

These are indeed the original chords, which shows when you play the songs ... The material is of varying technical complexity from the 3 chords Love me do to the Yesterday where you almost have to change chord at every word... It can easy be easy if you want, but won't keep you bored if you need more challenge. But of course its amazing just how simple many of The Beatles greatest hits are !

As few noted already it doesn't have the 'remakes', e.g. Mr Postman, but then it would have been much more expensive book (to pay for royalities to the other authors)

- nico_gonzales

Quite a few songs contain chords which are not even close and sound just plain bad. The D7s in All you need is love which should Am variants for example

- dawson_myers

Only when you begin to play the Beatles music can you really appreciate the true meaning of X-Factor! I've learnt chords that I never knew existed, and this book genuinely makes playing along to the Beatles a great deal more satisfying.

The songs generally seem to be written in the correct key, which can't be said for a lot of other Beatles material I've come across. Some songs do require a capo, so if you don't have one already then now's the time to get one, otherwise songs such as 'Here Comes the Sun' just won't sound the same!

In the few weeks I've owned the book I can certainly say I've had value for money, perfect for whiling away a few hours.

Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, this book will always have something to offer you. The sheer variety of music in here is sure to make you a better player!

Stop reading and start playing :)

- brooklynn_taylor

I would've preferred the book to be more substantial with a laminated-type cover. But, hey! is well laid out with chord illustrations,and the occasional Capo info where required. Good learning tool for the beginner.

- annika_garcia

The perfect songbook for any guitarist, beginner or more serious player shouldn never be without a few Beatles songs.

- legacy_hall

I'm a big Beatles fan and not a great guitar player. I've owned a couple of other Beatles chords books in the past but they didn't sound quite right. With this book, if you play the chords you will recognise the Beatle song behind it. But be aware that some songs are not really guitar tunes, they're piano etc.

- richard_howard

Very good book and nice quality.It tells you the basics of chord reading but the one major let down for me was with the many various barre chords I really hoped that it would have explained these diagrams as unfortunately it doesn't so what im finding is i cant play a song all through where a song has the complex diagram barre chords,otherwise it's brilliant.Recommended.

- ernest_gutierrez

An excellent book, unravelling the guitar chord sequences which are probably closer to those used by the Fab Four than any other chord book I've come across. Easier for rhythm guitar than trying to make sense of the chords denoted in keyboard/piano books for Beatles music. Comprehensive too, includes songs that don't appear in other Beatles music books.

- delilah_johnson

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