The Berenstain Bears And The Excuse Note (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Berenstain Bears First Time Books)

The Berenstain Bears And The Excuse Note (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Berenstain Bears First Time Books)

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By: Stan Berenstain and Jan

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Sister Bear dislikes gym class so much that she takes advantage of a minor injury and sits on the sidelines instead.
The Excuse Note touches on the subject of forged notes - something nearly every student has probably tried from time to time. Following a minor injury, Sister enjoys not having to participate in P.E. and writes a note saying she needs to stay inactive until... well... until she feels like participating again! It's a cute story, but if you think you've heard this before from the Berenstain Bears, you're right. Excuse Note was originally published as part of the Cub Club Book Club, a special limited edition series of Berenstain Bears books published in 1992-1993. This is the second book of the series to be re-issued - "The Berenstain Bears Catch the Bus," published last year, which was originally also a part of the Cub Club entitled, "The Berenstain Bears On Time.") Perhaps there is a trend here, and many of those stories will reprinted, especially consdering Stan and Jan are in (and have been for a few years) the process of transferring storytelling and ilustrating duties to their sons, Michael and Leo, who have actually been writing many of the recent books though still (wisely) published under the name of Stan and Jan. Which raises the question: will the series ever end? It could be said that the series is running out of original ideas - there are over 300 books to the Bear Family's credit now (40 years!), and, as we see by this title, we are beginning to see duplicates. But there are, of course, topics which the Bear Family has yet to tackle. The Chapter Books have tackled everything from first dates to smoking, but I think the First Time Series would welcome titles touching on topics like flying for the first time or visiting firefighters and/or police officers.

- dayton_adams

My daughter loves The Berenstain Bears book series as do I. Got this for her as a little first day of school present because she had been wanting this title. Very cute book, she loves reading it, and very happy with the purchase.

- aadhya_lopez

This book is very interesting but it skips many scenes from the TV version of the same story. The book is organized like a comic but it does not work well on Kindle. One has to use the Kindle text-pop in order to read most of it.

I will not spoil the ending but I'll tell you it's a really good book in which sister bear gets an excuse note for gym. She is like most girls when it comes to gym at that age but that's all I'll tell you.

If you get this book I recommend you not get the Kindle version. To see the story in it's best form you should watch the TV show. Although, the print book is also fine.

- maxwell_allen

We love the TBB series and have been reading since my daughter was 3yo. She's 6yo now and still enjoys them. There's a BB book for everything!! Highly recommended.

- hector_taylor

My daughter loves the Berenstain Bears. The books help her to improve her reading and comprehension skills, and the topics are easy for a preschooler / elementary school child to grasp. They teach children about values, and this book focuses on exaggerating the truth and making excuses to get out of doing something that is not well liked. I hear these type of comments from time to time from my little one. When you can relate Sister Bear's behavior to your own child's and ask them questions about times when they may have done something like this, it reinforces good behavior in a positive manner.

- ayla_young

Good Book, my daughter made me buy every one for her and she reads them to me before bed. The lessons in these books should be mandatory reading for adults when they turn 21, it would make the world a more friendly place.

- nelson_allen

My kids love all of the Berenstain Bears books by Stan and Jan.

- levi_torres

Always good reads. My granddaughter and i read these before going to sleep. Good moral valuez too in each story

- maddison_cruz

My 6-year-old is a huge fan of the Berenstain bears and she loves all the books. I find them very helpful with explaining some life situations to her. For example school absences (in this case) etc.

- mya_reed

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