The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies

The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies

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By: Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain

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This classic Berenstain Bears story is a perfect way to teach children about self-control and the importance of compromise!

Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. Brother and Sister are having a bad case of the “gimmies.” Whenever they don’t get what they want, they throw a tantrum. But is this really the best way to handle their emotions? Includes over 50 bonus stickers!
I literally threw out this book. It basically tells kids that to solve whining, they should pick out a toy or treat prior to going to a store and then not ask for anything else. Basically, it tells kids they should expect a treat, toy or gift od some sort EVERY TIME they go somewhere so that they don't whine. I was kind of in shock. What a terrible message! No thanks! I've liked some other books but this one was not good.

- devin_walker

I usually love Berenstein Bears, but this book is the exception. It was more about how parents give in to children and cause them to have the gimmies than about how the kids should act once they've been told "no." The book provides some opportunities to talk with children about how they should behave by discussing Brother's and Sister's bad examples and why Mommy and Daddy can't and shouldn't give you everything all the time. However, the book seems to be preaching to parents about their behavior more than talking about children's behavior. Also, Brother and Sister pick out beforehand and later get a special treat at the store. This is fine sometimes, but I will not (and cannot afford to) get my kids a treat every single time we go to the store. An ending that solves the problem but does not include prizes would have been a better choice.

- evan_wood

I normally love the Berenstain Bears, but this one I'm not 100% on. The message is 'to stop your kids from having fits, they should decide what they are getting from the store before they go.' I wish it was more help with "you don't get something every time you go to a store and if you have a fit, you don't get anything" type message. But it does get across the point about how embarrassing public tantrums are.

- kehlani_perez

As a parent, I've seen the gimmies first hand. They're embarrassing and frustrating. I just wish Mama had given the advice this time (she's always right, right?) rather than Gramps and Gran, who suggest that giving the cubs money to spend every time they go to the store is the solution to their tantrums. It might work initially, but such a lesson will eventually lead children to feeling entitled to getting something every time.

I generally love the Berenstain Bears and have since my own childhood in the 70s. I just can't agree with this one. I DO love and recommend the "Berenstain Bears Trouble with Money" if you're looking for a book with good money lessons for kids. I use it when I get invited to teach in elementary school classes each year.

-Author, "Everyday Money for Everyday People"

- carter_white

this was a wonderful book to help teach a lesson about being greedy, it is definitely something that ask a useful aid to help me to teach my children without calling on their own behavior in a way that helps him to think thank you for this book my daughter loves it very much as well

- jace_gray

My kids and I all love these bears. These books are so engaging. My boys, age 8, still love them and ask that we buy more when possible. As a parent, I love the life lessons.
Great quality paper and cover. Par with the other BB books.

- hailey_bailey

I had this book when I was little, and got it for my 4 year old daughter. We get cable every year during college basketball season, but this is the first time she's noticed commercials, and asked to have everything. The first time I read her this story, she said, "I wish I had a kitty whose tongue stuck out." Bernstein Bears books are a great way to introduce an idea and begin conversations, and she seems to understand better now that she can't have everything. We've even come to an agreement that whenever I hear her say, "I wish I had that," I make her walk around counting the things she does have.

- carmelo_cruz

I liked this book because I tutor for World Vision and these students are always behind ( they have to be recommended by a teacher.) These books send a great message and interesting to look at pictures.

- kyla_mendoza

Perfect example of a great children's story. Prompt and timely delivery.

- andres_jackson

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