The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights: A Faith Story)

The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights: A Faith Story)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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By: Jan Berenstain and Mike Berenstain

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The Berenstain cubs act out the first Thanksgiving complete with costumes, props, and a full Thanksgiving feast. But will Sister Bear’s pet turkey play the part of dinner? The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks teaches how God provided for the pilgrims and reminds children of God’s many blessings.

A bit wordy for littles, and the whole premise is sister falls in love with the turkey meant to be dinner, so they have fish instead... Not exactly what I wanted my littles to hear before we ate our turkey...

- william_williams

This is not what I expected it to be. I wanted a book to help teach a bit about why we celebrate thanksgiving. This book barely touched on the pilgrims and focused more on whether they were going to eat sisters pet turkey. I was disappointed.

- garrett_martin

This book is a wonderful read for children of all ages. Younger readers love the photos and older readers will love to read by themselves. Book came as described and perfect for a gift.

- yamileth_hughes

You can't go wrong with the Berenstain Bears. I only wish I would have paid a couple extra bucks more for the paperback as the kindle version is formatted poorly and the pics are terribly small. This is the first children's book I have purchased for the Kindle Fire and I have no idea is this is standard, but my expectations were higher (even formatting text so one sentence doesn't end up on a blank white page by itself would have been helpful). Wait the two extra days for Prime and pay the two extra dollars... it will be worth it to own this in your collection.

- aryanna_edwards

I am a fan of the berenstain bears books. The lessons they teach are great for kids. This one is able to teach the story about the pilgrims and thanksgiving in a way that will keep a child engaged. There are small pictures for each page which I know my little one really enjoys. However, I do think Berenstain Bears' books, at least for the toddlers, are best enjoyed in print as the pictures are bigger and more vivid. Also, I think the story is a bit long. I feel my 3 yr. old's attention is better held by reading the actual book.

- dominik_diaz

A little long and wordy for little ones. I got it for our 3 yo and I didn't like that it links a real turkey to the turkey as eat for Thanksgiving. I would recommend this book for elementary aged kids or older.

- olivia_johnson

We love the berenstain bears so very much, but sadly this is one of my least favorite of their books. The story is very long and wordy. It didn't quite hold my kids (ages 3, and 6) attention like the others do.

- alex_gomez

Children enjoy the storytelling as well as the illustrations in this book. I am young at heart and it gives me pleasure the time that I spend reading to my grandson and answering his questions.

- boston_collins

These books are awesome & all kids love them! Especially ours.

- henley_thompson

Muito educativo este livro.

- janelle_williams

Sharing the mind of nice bears, this is it

- london_gomez

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