The Best of Bob Dylan

The Best of Bob Dylan

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By: Bob Dylan

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Dylan was the bridge. He took the troubedor folk music of Pete and touched the modern chord with lyric stories that carried me through all the decades of my life. I was born in 1950! I want some more!
Dylan's Best?!! Buy 2. Give one away to a loved one or teenage spirit that can understand the poetry and the imagery and relevance of these amazing renditions collected as ONE! It sounds amazing! Thanks Robert Zimmerman! I love you!

- rosalyn_williams

The answer to that question is No. I think it has all been said about Dylan. So just let me add that this is a very, very good record and will be needed in the collection of any Dylan follower or fan. Would also fit nicely in a music collection for any music enthusiast in general, as it definitely catches the start and introduction of a new music movement in the early 60's.
Blowing in the wind was the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement: The Times They are a Changing captures the call of the "Hippie" Movement in America : and Like a Rolling Stone was Dylan's move into the Electric Folk Movement. So much history in one recording. Definitely A Must Have Collection of Music.

- zyaire_ward

Love the complete album. Use it to listen to in my vehicle.

- alex_gomez

I love bob dylan no complaints here

- dream_ramirez

If you only know Dylan from his recent work, you owe it to yourself to listen to this excellent collection of his work.
You will be as surprised as I was at the range of style and how much of the older work still seems fresh today.
You may find out you are a fan.

- callum_hernandez

Love Bob Dylan

- raylan_moore

All good.

- matias_scott

Talk about Bob Dylan is talk about an American Icon of the music. You never get tired of listen "Like a rolling stone", "Mr Tambourine man","Blowin' in the wind" etc. I recommend it to all the 60's music lovers.

- janiyah_jimenez

Best Of (Eco Slipcase) by Bob Dylan
if you don't have anything by him this is the album to get. it has a good song list, most of his best music from his early years. It takes you back in time, you'll be surprised at how clean his vocals are compared to today. you will hear the change in his vocals as time goes on. The only thing I don't appreciate is the eco slip case. very hard to get cd in and out. i think over time it might cause scratches. check it out.

- ernest_gutierrez

Sound top quality?

- damon_scott

Il n'y a rien dans ce best of que l'on n'a pas envie d'écouter mille fois!!!! Le meilleur du meilleur d'une légende: chaque chanson nous transporte dans notre imagination ,on voyage dans sa tête, on oublie la crise: à acheter d'urgence pour avoir une cdthèque qui tienne la route....

- kohen_morgan

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