The Best of Me: Tears of Joy Edition

The Best of Me: Tears of Joy Edition

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There are two versions to this film and it is for good reason.
There's the theatrical version, with the expected "lovers reunite" ending and then there's the director's cut that has the original book given ending. If you do not want your heart to be ripped out of your chest in anger and hurt, DO NOT WATCH THE DIRECTOR'S CUT! I mean it, don't do. Now, the theatrical one is completely fine. It is a good movie for the whole family, with only two sex scenes, one when they are young and first in love and one when they are reunited almost at the end. Hardly any cursing, just a few Sh*T's and F*cks, but overall great dialogue, great realistic depiction of what it is like to be from the "gutter" and what it entails, and how they are treated by those swimming in privilege.

- nelson_allen

This is my favorite movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks movie. It has a very good plot and I really like how throughout this movie they were able to smoothly transition from past to present. This was one of the few movies that made me cry because it has such a great meaning. A must buy if you want to watch a touching romance movie! I recommend The Notebook as well which is yet another good movie with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

- bentley_johnson

Great Movie, I am a big fan of James Marsden, Luke Bracey and Michelle Monaghan. It is about a LOVE that spans 21 years and how some people never get over a GREAT LOVE regardless of time!!! The movie ending broke my heart and I cried like a baby, for both happy and sad reasons. The DVD lets you choose you ending as it as an Alternate Ending which I really LOVED!!!

This is an awesome!!! You will not be disappointed at all!!!

- emerie_williams

I absolutely love this movie! This is definitely one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies. What I actually really love about this Blu-ray is that it has an alternate ending. When I first saw it, I really liked the movie, but I didn't like the way it ended. Now I only watch it with the alternate ending because I think it's much better. Definitely recommend this movie if you're a fan of Nicholas Sparks or just love a good romance.

- leila_lee

I loved this movie when I saw it on TV, but didn't realize I had been watching the "sanitized alternate ending" one; I had no idea there were two versions. This had the original version, which was still good but had a different, sadder, ending and I was upset that it ruined this feel good story for me. Luckily both versions are on the DVD, so I'll just remember to watch the "alternate ending" version when I watch it again.

- danna_robinson

With the exception of The Notebook, The Best of Me captures Nicholas Sparks, author, at his best. I read the book first. The ending is a total surprise. Then I watched the CD which followed the story line pretty closely. One word of caution and this is the quality of the CD. I had to return 2 copies in Atlanta because after the opening scene you could only see the actions as ghost images. I bought these at Target. Hopefully they have replaced the damaged CDs. I bought the final copy in WV and had no problem.

- kalani_adams

I had read the book so I was able to understand more of the meaning in some scenes. The story of teenagers falling in love was so typical of the time in which this was taking place. The usual guy from the "other side of the tracks" and the girl from the well to do family is not unusual. How they find each other after 20 years and reignite the love that has never gone away is exciting and at some points sad. They never fell out of love.
As you can see I gave it 5 stars because I could find nothing bad about this movie. A great love story. This would make a good date night movei.

- jeremiah_morales

I watched this on TV and loved it. I ordered this DVD and when I played it, it ended with a different ending that was sad. Ok I'm in my 50's and didn't realize that you can choose the ending you wanted. Three cheers for senior moments!!!!!

- holden_adams

Love this film, most films based on Nicholas sparks books are a sure thing to be good!! This film definitely didn't disappoint, just be prepared to have some tissues at the ready

- jocelyn_morales

Simply put, it is a great film!
It’s atmospheric - you really feel for the characters, especially the main character.
It is a beautiful love story - to say anything more about the film would give so much away - I would highly recommend this film.
I loved this film and will re-watch again.

- celine_scott

Painting by numbers story line and OH! the ending! I don't know about needing tissues, a sick bag more like!

- natalie_scott

You WILL need tissues for this movie....very sensitive ..very good

- rivka_hernandez

I purchased this dvd as a gift for my grand-daughter I am very pleased with the price I paid and the delivery time I give this seller 5 stars

- lennon_gutierrez

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