The Best Story Collection EVER! (Busy World of Richard Scarry)

The Best Story Collection EVER! (Busy World of Richard Scarry)

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By: Richard Scarry

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Five of your favorite Scarry stories in one book! Follow Huckle, Lowly Worm, and their friends through many adventures around Busytown. They search for treasure, camp out, survive a snowstorm, and more!

I grew up with the books of Richard Scarry and we actually found this at our library in a very tattered condition. My child loved the stories so very much that we decided to buy it. A great collection to our library and best of all: no sexy mermaids or damsels in distress. No way! Instead you get stories full of lovable, HUMAN-like characters with a bonus of Swiss-influenced art and flair. If you need a break from contemporary juvenile fiction, I suggest going old school and buying yourself some Richard Scarry along with Bernard Waber of Lyle the Crocodile fame! and buy Eloise (Kay Thompson) and Blueberries for Sal (Robert McCloskey)while you're at it! And of course Maurice Sendak (Little Bear, Where the Wild Things Are) and Eric Carle. So many great books from my childhood!

- novalee_johnson

If you want to get a child something they will really use, love and want to see over and over again, give any Richard Scarry book. I have grown children and grandchildren, and Richard Scarry hasn't been forgotten by the grown ones or yet left behind by the little ones! Every page in this particular book is interesting and a fun romp through the days. The best thing about Richard Scarry, aside from the wonderful artwork and the clever stories, is the ability to interest both the adult reading the stories and the children listening! The usual "plot" is "a-day-in-the-life" of fire stations, post offices, schools, homes, shopping, traveling, etc. Work-a-day life with action and many words, places, people, vehicles, and usually some little puzzle or challenge included. i cannot recommend these books too highly - and do get the very large storybook as well as this book...the more the merrier!

- justin_sanchez

Richard's Scarry's books were and remain a hit with every kid. Lovely and very creative drawings and characters. Our toddler loves looking at these.

- william_williams

Love Richard Scarry and my son now loves him. His characters are cute, fun and whimsical and his work stands the test of time.

- delilah_johnson

Great book! I loved the author when I was a child and wanted to get some for my children. Fun and educational!

- estella_gray

Scarry is a wonderful author, and I and my children love his books. However, this is not a Richard Scarry book. He did not write the text, nor did he draw the illustrations. The stories are passable, but have none of the charm and wit that his other books do. It appears that the book was written and drawn by someone else, based on a TV series, based on his books. I'm disappointed.

If you are looking for books by RS, there are many others available on Amazon that are far better than this one.

- paola_lee

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