The Blackout Experiments

The Blackout Experiments

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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What a poorly-made thing. I'm still not sure if it was a faux-doc or a real piece, but it doesn't really matter. Nothing that happens in the "Blackout" experience seems particularly terrifying, just annoying, as are most of the subjects we're asked to care about. If you want something similar, go watch the Dark Tourist episode where he visits McKamey Manor, and then fall down the rabbit hole of McKamey's YouTube channel. His homemade "warning" videos are WAY more convincing and terrifying than anything here.

That said, I have seen no other mention of the fact that one of the film's volunteers is ALLISON THE INHALANT ADDICT "WALKING ON SUNSHINE" GIRL FROM INTERVENTION. This was pretty much the only interesting point for me, and she doesn't get nearly enough screen time.

- malachi_evans

Interesting subject matter but the movie itself was boring at times & sometimes you couldnt really tell what was happening.

- kai_clark

, It's a Study in Self Help Psychology via Extreme Theater!

Ever since learning of Blackout's Halloween season experience in LA, I've been intrigued. Revisiting a handful of extreme fans, as they return to experience Blackout year after year, this documentary provided even more insight than I could have hoped for. Nicely, chronologically paced. More shots from inside the "haunt" than I expected. And it was nice to end it with some face time with Blackout's elusive creators.

- belle_davis

This documentary was fascinating. Its a philosophical continuation of the horror movie dread (2009) in the way that it explores fear and creates trauma for its participants to see if they can overcome it. That said, the morality and ethics of the experiments will always be controversial, and the line between sadism and therapy here is non existent.

Thats the point. These are experiments. Blackout will stay with you forever.

- avianna_kim

Really raw and original and rare. A perfect piece of cinema.

- stefan_roberts

Interesting concept but oh so boring. I think it would have been more interesting if it were focused more around the concept of Blackout or perhaps just people's experiences rather than a group of dull personalities having a fangasm over it.

- oscar_alvarez

I haven't been through Blackout because their latest LA show was cancelled, but I have tremendous respect for what they do. It's messed up, but it isn't like McKamey Manor, where the only purpose is to be messed up. It's a totally new form of theater and it's changed the horror world in so many ways since its debut. Watch the movie if you want a taste of what the experience must be like! I know I can't wait to go!

- guillermo_castillo

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