The Book of Investing Wisdom

The Book of Investing Wisdom

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By: Richard Poe, Warren E. Buffett, et al.

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Listen to writings by Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, George Soros, and other leading figures of finance. In their own words, these legends of Wall Street share their best investment ideas and advice. The Book of Investing Wisdom offers unique insights into how these professionals and others achieved financial success through intelligent investing. It will inspire and motivate everyone from the professional money manager to the do-it-yourself investor to the business student.

This program includes:

  • Warren E. Buffet: "Track Record is Everything"
  • Jim Rogers: "Get Smart and Make a Fortune"
  • Peter Lynch: "Stalking the Tenbagger"
  • Edward C. Johnson II: "Contrary Opinion in Stock Market Techniques"
  • Peter L. Bernstein: "Is Investing for the Long Term a Theory or Just Mumbo-Jumbo?"
  • Mario Gabelli: "Grand Slam Hitting"
  • Robert R. Prechter: "Elvis, Frankenstein, and Andy Warhol"
  • George Soros: "After Black Monday"
  • Leo Melamed: "The Art of Futures Trading"
  • Martin E. Zweig: "Selling Short - It's Not Un-American"
  • The readings included in the CD were excellent, but the vast majority wasn't included. This book was way too abridged in the audio preparation. For that reason I suggest getting the physical book instead of audio. I got both and will confirm that every chapter of this anthology was excellent.

    My favorite segment is by Edwin Lefevre called "Vanished Billions." Lefevre is my favorite financial writer of the 20s and 30s. Wow, this one is good! It's not in the CD though.

    One of my favorites is Selling Short by Martin Zweig. His explanation of trading rules and the difficulty in following resonated with me. It was interesting to hear the reading from Mario Gabelli called Grand Slam Hitting. Whereas this book was compiled in the 90s based on writings from earlier times, Gabelli had interesting predictions on the future that turned out to be mainly accurate.

    This is an anthology, a collection of writings by notable authors. I got the feeling that money was never the primary or original motivator for them. They were intensely interested in solving problems having to do with investing, speculating and economics.

    - ben_lewis

    This book was delivered on time and in good condition. But, more important it contains some very good insights by some of the important people of finance.

    As a market technician, I was especially gratified by the paper by Henry Clews. Warren Buffets piece is also very insightful.

    - muhammad_rogers

    Some great advice, by the greatest master investors of all time...

    - andi_hall

    This book is quite mediocre, consisting of a bunch of second-rate excerpts from the work of famous investors. It's like an art museum that, instead of the BEST works by famous painters, has the WORST work by each famous painter. I can't imagine why editor Krass did this, except maybe to save on the expenses of securing permission to reprint.

    For example, in the case of Benjamin Graham, instead of choosing something sublime from, say "The Intelligent Investor", Krass chose an obscure piece from "The Magazine of Wall Street" in 1920, which talks about hedging techniques that Graham himself said were useless, later in his career.

    The biographical sketches before each piece are full of errors, for example misspelling "Niagara" as "Niagra" and stating that J.S. Bach died in 1760 when even the most amateur student of music history knows that he died in 1750.

    The underlying cause of all this nonsense becomes clear when you go to the dust jacket and see that Krass has written a whole series of these books, such as "Book of Financial Wisdom," "Book of Leadership Wisdom," etc. Clearly Krass is a hack who knows nothing about investing, and is just assembling quotations at random to make a few bucks. Save your money and buy a good book on investing. This is not it.

    - harold_foster

    This book reminds me of one of my favorite college classes back in the day. "Introduction to Film." And I'm not being sarcastic. Intro to Film was superb because it gave you a slice, and often one of the best slices, of the many different genres of the medium. It was an All-Star game of sorts. Similarly, The Book of Investing Wisdom is an All-Star review of the greats of Wall Street.

    It's biography, history and smart financial advice all rolled into one compendium. Recommended.

    Note: The audiobook version is abridged. It's still a great listen but you get more content in the actual book.

    - rocky_diaz

    My local library has the OverDrive eAudio version of this book, and because the topic can be rather dry to read, the narration does a good job of pacing me, and getting me through the volume.

    The content is not much different from other books or audio-books of the genre, but because I don't work in the financial milieu, it helps to reinforce the type of thing and expected reaction for people living a "financial lifestyle"!

    - lilah_bailey

    This book is a collection of investment wisdom from Wall Street legends such as Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch, and even Donald Trump. These people are extremely successful at what they do, and to have access to their advice is just priceless.

    Even though I can identify more with Warren Buffett's and Philip Fisher's investment philosophies, I enjoyed reading about others such as Martin E. Zweig who talked about short selling. I highly recommend this book to serious investors. Even if you do not have an investment philosophy, read this book, and maybe you will be inspired by one of them.

    - Mariusz Skonieczny, author of Why Are We So Clueless about the Stock Market? Learn how to invest your money, how to pick stocks, and how to make money in the stock market

    - rohan_ramos

    The book contains timeless wisdom from some of the best known names in finance and investments such as Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch, John Templeton, Mario Gabelli, Philip Carret, Bernard Baruch, George Soros and Benjamin Graham. The other great contributions are from Edward Johnson II, J. Paul Getty, Charles Dow, John Moody, Michael Steinhardt, Abbey Joseph Cohen and others. Some articles seem dated but the investment wisdom imparted by the authors is timeless. The compilation is a result of great efforts by Peter Krass and the topics are arranged logically. The article by J. Paul Getty is a gem. Every serious investor should read this book in order to gain insights from the all time great investors.

    - opal_collins

    Talk with the most famous financial giants. You can study a lot.

    - milan_morales

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