The Cars That Henry Ford Built (An Automobile Quarterly Magnificent Marque History)

The Cars That Henry Ford Built (An Automobile Quarterly Magnificent Marque History)

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By: Beverly Kimes

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At the time, in 1978, when The Cars That Henry Ford Built was first published, sending a copy for Henry Ford II to review seemed a vain request·Automobile Quarterly founding editor and publisher L. Scott Bailey was told that Mr. Ford (never comments on a book written about Ford.÷ Two weeks later came an unexpected exhortation from Henry Ford II: (My grandfather would have loved this book.÷ Ford then specially ordered 20 copies bound in white leather·needed in two weeks. The rush order was necessitated by an upcoming trip to Japan. As is culturally customary to offer a gift that honors one's ancestors, Henry Ford II specifically chose The Cars That Henry Ford Built to give to his Japanese hosts. Such high-level praise is derived from the book's fresh approach to the subject of Henry Ford, both in its study of the man and his cars, as well as the exceptional pictorial presentation. Presented for the first time in full color, there is every model Henry Ford produced from the Quadricycle he put together as a young man in 1896 to the famous V8 Ford on the production lines four and a half decades later during his failing years. Probably no other individual in automobile history more accurately mirrored in his cars his view of himself and of America as he saw it. Join award-winning historian and author Beverly Rae Kimes as she presents lively historical text that captures Henry growing and aging as his cars grew and aged, each lock-stepped together through history. Over 100 full-color photographs further bring the man and his creations to life.
Excellent book by noted author.

- briar_moore

As a fan of Henry Ford I found this book to be well written with very good colour photos of all his cars.

- landry_alvarez

I wanted to get this book because it struck my eye while I was looking for rebuilding material to help me fix and fine tune upgrades to this 37 Tudor Slantback project. It is amazing how someone can come from a farming and horse upbringing to working on the industrial power plants of the day....then suddenly become a key figure in creating the society we are today of horseless travellers
Gonna be a great read and nice time piece to keep nearby when kicking up in front of a fire to rest from the travels

Thx for bringing me this read on Ford History

- angelo_allen

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