The Courageous Captain America (Marvel: Captain America) (Little Golden Book)

The Courageous Captain America (Marvel: Captain America) (Little Golden Book)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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By: Billy Wrecks and Golden Books

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Dressed in red, white, and blue and carrying an unbreakable shield, Captain America always fights for justice and stands up for people in need. Now boys and girls ages 2 to 5 can leap into the action with this amazing hero in the first ever Captain America Little Golden Book!
This is utterly inappropriate for young readers. Besides being poorly written, it is nothing but a propaganda machine for the armed forces at war and an absolute disgrace to them as well. Its reference to Pearl Harbor, (so relevant to Little Golden Books readership) with headline WAR prominently displayed, followed by tanks, helmeted soldiers and explosions with no context whatsoever suggest nothing less than fascism. The assumption that America is might, ergo it must be right, is a disgrace to country founded on the rule of law.

- finn_gutierrez

I inspected the book when it arrived found it in good condition. This was a Christmas gift for grandson goodbookand he was excited for someone to read it to him. He's a big fan of Captain America.

- augustus_thompson

This book was really a nice size (check the measurements) and the pictures were very nice. It is not expensive, but kept my 5-year-old grandson's attention for weeks. He went to bed with it for days when he first got it and still takes it out all the time. One of his favorites.

- sariah_gomez

Think this is a perfect intro to Captain America for my 4 year old son. No, it's not a story with plot lines, twists, character development and award winning writing as some have complained about in their reviews. Its a Little Golden Book with nice full page color graphics, easy words and its only 23 quick read pages which make it perfect for before bedtime.

- kaylin_wright

Great graphics. Great quality for a kids book. My grandson , who has mild autism and really is self conscious about reading, asked me to teach him to read it. I ordered another one so we can read together on the phone.

- cooper_mendoza

I used to buy these Golden books in the 60's for my brothers. . .bought them in the 80's for my sons. . .now in 2018. . .I buy them for my grandsons now. They are still a very good buy for children to learn to read.

- jayleen_morgan

I’m a huge fan of
Little Golden Books and my son now
Is too! He especially loves the superhero books which are quite good! Good message in this book, great illustrations and a fun story for my child!

- jensen_nguyen

Cute story, easy to read for the younger set, easy to read to the youngest set! I bought this to go with the 12" Titan Captain America figure, for my 3 year old. He's sandwiched between two girls, so he was in need of some super-hero books and toys to get away from all the princess stuff. He LOVES this book and the others in the series. Marvel was SMART to partner with Little Golden Book on this one.

- aden_ross

VERY poor quality. The cover is just cardboard and feels like the spine will break as reading it. Very much doubt it will last longer than a few reads. Story is very basic too.

- sylas_parker

This book is very flimsy and feels like it will fall apart just by opening it. The outer pages are a thin cardboard and the pages are so thin. Not suitable for children it will fall apart in a couple of uses! stick to a treasure cove story books instead much better quality!

- oscar_alvarez

Great gift

- marcel_mitchell

The book is everything that an early years reader who enjoys Marvel will love.

My little boy is still at nursery and has these read to him at bed time.
With colourful pictures, it provides the right type of text and simple story for non or early readers.

Hard cover with paper pages, it will also last well.

- jamir_foster

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