The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volume 1: The First $100M

The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volume 1: The First $100M

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By: Glen Arnold, Jason Belvill, et al.

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It took the world's greatest investor, Warren Buffett, nearly four decades to make his first $100M. The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volume 1 charts the series of investments that made up that journey.

In revealing detail, and with a lucid descriptive style, experienced author and investor Glen Arnold explains Buffett's thinking behind these investment deals and shows how his cumulative returns compounded his wealth over time.

In this formative period, from 1941-78, Buffett developed and honed the investment philosophy that would lead him to become so successful as his career progressed. But it was not all plain sailing - Buffett made mistakes along the way - and Arnold shows how Buffett learned through success and failure how to select companies worth backing. Arnold also includes insightful "learning points" at the end of each chapter, which reveal how investors can learn from the craft of Warren Buffett to improve their own investing. 

Investments featured in this first volume include: GEICO, American Express, Disney, Berkshire Hathaway, See's Candies, and The Washington Post

With stories and analysis drawn from decades of investing experience, join Glen Arnold and delve deeper in The Deals of Warren Buffett!

This book is easy to read and simply explains some of Buffett’s principles. It also has changed my opinion of what it means to be an investor and provides a basic understanding of where to start when thinking about investments.

- gianluca_bennet

Great book! Love the stories!

- aarav_scott

This is a derivative work with nothing new, and no original thoughts. Most of the book is just rehashing what you could have learned for free by reading Buffett's annual letters to shareholders. In fact large portions of the book are simply quoted directly from the annual letters. Those parts that aren't from the annual letters will already be familiar to any Buffett follower that has read any other book on Buffett. If you've never read anything about Buffett and don't want to wade through the annual letters, than this is the book for you. However, if you looking for any actual meaningful analysis of Buffett's deals, that is completely absent from this book.

- dahlia_castillo

We can learn a lot from the book .

- kathryn_white

Arnold goes through Buffett's early deals and discusses what lessons investors can take away from them. It was a perspective that caused me to be more thoughtful about my own practice and was well worth the time reading it.

- zion_ramirez

A disappointment. I read this book in an afternoon and learned nothing. Each deal is covered in a few tiny pages with large print and the only detailed case study is of Buffett's investment in the Washinton Post and relationship with Katherine Graham which is already covered in the book The Outsiders (which I highly recommend). The book does not describe why deals made sense from a financial perspective and covers surface-level qualitative analysis that can be gleaned from public sources easily.

- malaya_smith

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