The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues

The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues

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By: Aretha Franklin

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The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! People forget that Aretha Franklin used to sing the blues--and boy could she sing it. She didn't try to sing it like the blues men of the day either. She didn't have to "growl" like KoKo Taylor or Etta James. Aretha just went straight "church" with her blues and sang it as if she was singing for all women who knew something about it. Not only did Aretha sing the blues, she could play it too. She was a phenomenal piano player; always, always, you could hear her gospel roots. The infusion of her gospel roots with the blues is just as riveting as her idol's--Ray Charles. She "rips" it with Mabel John's You're Just Taking Up Another Man's Place (ha!--she'll have ya shoutin') and then goes to church with a simple little "ditty" called You Are My Sunshine. Got a man you need to tell off girls--listen to Be as Good to Me as I am to You. Listen to Aretha wail "...if you can't find it in your heart to do for me, then just don't darken my front door..." She goes on--"using my time, my heart, my love day after day..."

Although some of the songs are on other CDs that I have of Aretha's, this CD is still a nice compilation with some OUTSTANDING surprises (specifically the Mabel John piece).

This CD is like a rare jewel. Got the blues? Play this CD and go to church with Aretha--you won't have the blues for long.

- myla_harris


- ishaan_wilson

Perfect Condition as promised! Thank You! jeanie

- thiago_thomas

Excellent. You wont be disappointed.

- annalee_martin


- sean_gomez

If you love the blues, and the stellar voice of Aretha, this combination is a must-have. I absolutely love this collection of recordings, and highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed.

- logan_jones

Great songs sung with the passion only Aretha can deliver. "The Delta Meets Detroit" is a great addition to my Blues collection.

- anastasia_morgan

I am a huge Aretha fan, and this is one of my favorite albums. In fact, this is the second time I order it (as a gift this time).

- carmelo_cruz

Aretha sings the blues as only she can. Superbly

- rayden_ward

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