The Denali Deception: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller (Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 12)

The Denali Deception: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller (Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 12)

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By: Ernest Dempsey , Jason Whited, et al.

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What if the greatest secret of the US Civil War never made the history books? What if the Union and the Confederacy had fought not just for country and principle but for a source of unlimited, unimaginable wealth and power?
While on a classified mission from the president, secret agent turned treasure hunter Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, Tommy Schultz, stumble upon these darkest American mysteries long thought to be lost to history.
To guard these truths and the power they conceal, Sean and Tommy must battle a rich and powerful secret society bent on unearthing these secrets for themselves—a clandestine cabal willing to lie, steal, and kill—even the president himself—for a shot at limitless power. Their goal is simple: reshaping the country according to their dark, dangerous plans.
Ernest Dempsey exploded onto the scene of adventure fiction authors and has entertained millions with his books. Find out why the Sean Wyatt Series has some of the best adventure fiction kindle unlimited has to offer.
I received an advance copy from Ernest Dempsey, for my honest review and I also purchased a copy from Something I do for several of my favorite Indie Authors.

I really liked 'The Denali Deception', although it's way over the top. Have come to realize with Dempsey, that just enjoy his creative mind verse worrying about his books being to unrealistic, predictable, or whether or not could this actually happen.

I liked the tie in with the Civil War, the war had ended President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and the Knights of the Golden Circle. Which was a secret society of Confederate supporters, who worked unseen behind the scenes or in plain view to help the efforts of the rebellion.

You have a intertwining storyline, one right out of the headlines or at least the part with Russia/Ukraine conflict and Russia building up it's Military in the Arctic.

Sean Wyatt, Tommy Schultz, Adriana Villa are a formative team, likable and better to have as friends verse an enemy. Now you can add Tommy's girlfriend June to the team, she makes a great addition and I like how Emily Starks has a bigger role in this one.

Dempsey gives you everything you need in a action/adventure genre book, it's my type of book, full of twist and turns, fast paced, tension filled, that builds to an excellent conclusion that's gripping and the nasty characters lose in the end.

I do like that his Sean Wyatt series has turned more and more into a modern day Western Where good always conquers evil, his characters are invincible, they get shot up, but always miraculously recover and the bad guys get killed in lethal ways.

- graham_chavez

As usual Ernest Dempsey has taken his readers on an thrill a minute, exciting adventure!!! This book was a fantastic read. I never tire of Sean Wyatt and Tommy Shultz and their ability to fight their way out terrifying situations!!! Denali Deception was a fast paced thrill a minute adventure!! These characters are the perfect "good guys"!!!! I really enjoyed the way historical events and characters were a part of this story. Once again I just COULDN'T STOP READING this book after the opening sentence!!!! This is definitely a GREAT BOOK and I can't say enough about the enjoyment and excitement involved in reading about the escapades of these characters, as they struggle to save everyone from the evil bad guys!!! This author REALLY knows how to write a thrilling, fast paced, edge of your seat adventure!!!!

- ryker_walker

Ernest Dempsey just did it again! I don't know how he does it, but he keeps getting better and better, so that I no longer say, "This is my favorite" - because I know the next one will be even more exciting. The first sentence - "Sean Wyatt was dead." - had me almost in the fetal position, as if I had just lost my best friend. Then the book took off, and I did not put it down until it was done with me!

I won't go into detail about the plot since many have done so, and have done so much better than I could, but I will say that if you don't get this book, you will be cheating yourself out of a thrilling read!

Thank you again, Ernest Dempsey! You are the best!

- bennett_thompson

I have read the entire series, and I can say without question this is my favorite to date. The action in this novel is turned up a peg, and it has a more gritty feel to it than prior installments. Sean and Tommy are up to their old antics, but seem in this story to spend far more time on the defensive, which makes for an excellent read. The entwined history is fantastic and adds a level of realism that just makes the story.
I did recieve a free advanced copy of this book in advance for a fair and unbiased review. I have no affiliation with the author. In addition I have purchased the book to support one of my favorite authors in hopes he continues to churn out the continuing saga of Sean and the gang.

- ashton_nguyen

It was fast paced if a little too 'formula'.
Hero works for super secret government agency even congress doesn't know about. He's handsome, kind, but trained to defend himself and others.
Nobody can lay a glove on him....for long.
The bad guys have infiltrated all levels of government (Kinda like today) and are, of course, planning world domination.
None the less I enjoyed it, and it felt like a Hollywood movie script, sort of "National Treasure meets the Expendables." I'd go see it!

There were a couple editing errors where names were wrong, but not enough to make you wince.
I'd like another, please.

- breanna_lewis

This is my first read from Ernest Dempsey. I am sure if I were more familiar with the characters, I would have appreciated the story a bit more since I like books in this genre. But the dialogue between characters and the plot just didn't hang together....neither was particularly engaging. And the energy pyramid was completely unbelievable; the author offered no real explanation how this was possible. After all the buildup throughout the book, it was more than anti climatic. Sorry Ernest, I won't be back.

- calvin_hall

I really enjoy how the author mixes history, real places, and mystery. The characters travel together from one book to the next. I hope Mr. Dempsey writes faster because I read his books one right after the other - I can’t wait to find out what the next adventure will be! You can read each adventure at random or you can read the series from the beginning - either way, you will be able to “jump right in” to the story. So happy to have found this series!

- cayden_green

Each Sean Wyatt book has been better than the last, and this one is no exception. The action is nearly non-stop, only pausing for breathers at the time I'm about to pass out from holding my breath. I particularly like the descriptions of locations and the inclusion of historical facts throughout the book. This book is also well edited, which I thoroughly appreciate. Congratulations, Mr. Dempsey on another winner!

- royal_davis

This book is the latest in the Sean Wyatt series. I always enjoy the series as this author can draw you in, and make you spend more time reading than you allotted.
There are two reasons I enjoy these books one being the writing and the second is the historical references which are interwoven with liberties from the truth. In this book, the author sets you straight with what is and is not the truth.

Fast travelling, fighting and car chases are the norm but this trip does not go outside the USA.

I really enjoyed and recommend this book and have watched each book go from strength to Strength.

- ariyah_ramirez

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