The Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad: Henry Fords Railroad

The Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad: Henry Fords Railroad

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By: Scott D. Trostel

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Hardcover w/ dust jacket, 3rd printing. 312 pp, 400 photos, maps, drawings, complete steam/electric/diesel rosters, equipment listing. "The Absorbing story of the most colorful and unique small railroad in the midwest. "Few railroads faced comparable difficulties in startup, the succession of owners, or the various events of time. Follow the life of the early narrow gauge railroad - Ohio's Iron Railroad - the Henry Ford years, and Pennroad ownership. The railroad mergers of the 1960s and their disastrous effect on minor carriers like the DT&I; the succession of outside events that threatened its survival in the 70s, the later sale to the Grand Trunk - all here."
While the title says this is about Henry Ford's railroad, this book actually goes way back to the beginning long before Ford became involved. It talks about all of the various regional railroads that eventually became the DT&I and carries on past Ford's involvement and into recent times. This is the best single book on the DT&I that I've found. It really makes you appreciate just how tough the early days of railroading were.

- aadhya_lopez

I loved this book. It hits close to home, as we live very close to this railroad line. I bought this one as a present for my 82 year old dad. He will love it. Book is in excellent condition just as advertized.

- charles_carter

Excellent book about an obscure raliroad.

- chance_gutierrez

This book goes way beyond your typical railroad book. This is an outstanding corporate history that happens to be about a railroad that went through a succession of owners and finally gelled under the ownership and guidance of Henry Ford. It is filled with text, stories, maps and photos that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of a railroad in America. Every business library and college archive should have a copy without exception. This book is a must have for every railroad buff. If you don't spend a penny for another book, buy this one!


- amelie_james

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