The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (2016-05-05)

The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (2016-05-05)

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By: Dean Koontz

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Not my normal genre but I had to read it as a result of it being 2020 and we are the middle of the Corona virus. How did the author know?? I may be tempted to read more novels by Dean Koontz

- helena_thomas

The current global events make this book, written in 1981, paricularly disturbing and eerie.

Should make us think about mankind's potential self created extinction

- elias_cox

Came across this on Facebook today and I cannot wait to read this book now! How cool is it that he even got the city!

- chaim_young

So riveting can put it down when you start reading. It is about mummy's love for her son. Chapter 39 is so prophetic I really can't believe it. The author must have a vision for the future, it can't be coincidental!

- esther_cook

Very gripping book that you'll not one to put down but tried and finished it income sitting. The love of a mother won't stopped at anything to look for her lost son.
It's actually wasn't a prediction of a global danger. When he wrote the book in 1981.. plus there was no mention of the virus being Coronavirus. Just the word. WUHAN-400.. Because it was brought out from the city of Wuhan by chinese scientists defected to the US.
He developed it an all was recorded in the diskettes and he brought along when he defected to the US. And then carried out the test on the group of students and 2 adults while they accidentally stumbled in ..
And then carried out the test on the group of students while they were on their way to scout camp up in the High Sierra mountain area. They got abducted and made test specimens..only 1 boy.. Danny survived the test .
He have psychic power.. while he was so what imprisoned by the bad guys . He tried to contact his mother using his psychic power .. telekinesis her dream and weird gripping happening at home, even her working place..

- elisabeth_howard

"The Eyes of Darkness" is a fairly well written science fiction / thriller story. It is set in Nevada in contemporary America. The language is in modern conversational English. It is of medium length. I listened to an audiobook rather than read the actual book. I was able to follow most of it although I had to re listen to parts of the story where there is a lot of describing of scenery. The narration is of professional quality.

Thus far I have only read three Dean Koontz novels. Those three are "Funhouse", " Whispers", and now "The Eyes of Darkness". I did not really care for either of the previous two novels. They are different than this one as they involved more savage criminality and more abject darkness. This novel is more of a science fiction / thriller novel, and although at times dark, there are also moments of lightness and some romance.

I do need to mention that this novel was called to my attention at this time, due to the mention within it of a virus, (Not THE Virus), and a particular location, Wuhan, in China. I found that that is only an incremental part of this story and although a strange, and even amazing coincidence, not really what the story is about. I have an aversion to writing anything to spoil anyone's reading experience. I only state this in case one wishes to read this story at this time for that reason.

I am only beginning to study Dean Koontz novels. This is easily my favorite thus far. I can sense his maturation as an author. Except for the purposes of comparing and contrasting, I consider the previous two that I have read to be forgettable. I am glad to have found a Dean Koontz novel that I actually liked as he was born and raised in my home state of Pennsylvania and I enjoy studying authors from Pennsylvania. Thank You...

- mary_sanchez

I thought I had read everything Dean Koontz had written. Having just finished reading his latest release in The Jane Hawke series and having searched through my Kindle library to choose a book to re-read and realized I'd read everything written by Dean Koontz at least twice I decided to go to the Kindle store on the off chance I'd find something new. I found this title. The Eyes of Darkness had me from page one. I was not disappointed. My only wish is that there was indeed a way to get this author's books from page to screen with his stories intact and true to his intentions. I can't pretend to understand the incredible agony Mr Koontz endured trying to get this story from page to screen. But I do understand the frustration he endured. Keep writing Mr Koontz! You are an amazing author!!!

- rowan_flores

Amazing reading - quite terrifying that this was written in 1981 and more or less predicted what is happening now!

- sienna_perez

Is this book purely fictional ????
When it is describing a viral infection that is now affecting countries
And that Wuhan is stated as the country it was started in !!!!!
How could a writer possibly know about man made viruses in 1981 that are now killing people in the same way that is described in this book ?????
A great read but totally baffled
We're is the leaders of our countries that were voted to keep us safe but can work with governments who want to wipe people OUT!!!!!!!

Real sadism

- tate_gomez

I am not going to spoil this by saying anything about the plot, but towards the end, it actually took my breath away and I couldn’t continue reading the final paragraphs until I had settled down. It coincides with events happening today to a spooky degree and made my blood turn to ice in my veins. Read it ... you will know what I mean then!

- gage_ramirez

Following Coronavirus I found snippets from this book on Facebook. Intrigued so I bought it. wow! I had goosebumps for most of it, well written fiction but the fact that the Virus was mentioned in this 1981 publication had me gripped to the end. Haven’t read a book for over 20 years - more Dean Koontz please.

- miya_long

I have had this book for many years, being a fan of Koontz I have purchased most of his work. This book I hadn’t read until now, I was drawn to it by revelations that when he wrote this in 1981 he may have predicted the current Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 sweeping the world but emanating from Wuhan, China. Is Koontz the 1981 Nostradamus, the 16th century apothecary who could predict the future? His chemical weapon Wuhan-400 has too many similarities to be a mere coincidence I would say. Now I have read it I can verify that it is an exciting fictional read, but then I am a Koontz fan and know his work. Whatever you believe about his predicting the 2020 pandemic, it’s worth a read and had me riveted throughout and gasping at certain points with the similarities. Wuhan-400 is a lethal virus except for Danny who recovered so they experimented to see how many times he could recover before it killed him. The Coronavirus doesn’t kill everyone, but you can catch it again I hear. Make your own mind up, read this book and learn something.

- asher_collins

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