The Future of Omni-Channel Retail: Predictions in the Age of Amazon

The Future of Omni-Channel Retail: Predictions in the Age of Amazon

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By: Lionel Binnie

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Everyone shops online these days, but there are certain experiences and products that resist the move to e-commerce. When we can order almost anything online, what compels us to make a purchase in person?

By understanding how retail has evolved through the years and what the current state of omni-channel retail is now, this book offers a formula for predicting retail trends that are likely to happen in the near future.


  • how the two essential aspects of shopping, discovery and fulfillment, contribute to when consumers are more likely to purchase online or offline.
  • why shopping provides either "time well spent" or "time well saved," and how to leverage that.
  • what retailers and retail real estate developers are doing to stay relevant.
  • how a two-axis model can help you accurately predict online and offline shopping behavior for many products and shopping occasions.

Want to know whether your product or service will fare best online or off? Read Lionel Binnie’s exploration of the developing omni-channel retail landscape to find out.

"A well-distilled volume processing the past, present and future of consumption. Want a good quick read? It’s right here."
Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

Working for Lionel as an intern was one of my first tastes of retail being a student studying Fashion Merchandising Management. His book offers a great overview of how the retail world is ever changing and the different channels such as online, that we have to connect with customers. I believe that the simplicity of Lionel’s book makes it easy to read and understand the ever changing retail industry. While the online aspect of businesses are a vital part of major retailers’ success, the book acknowledges that brick and mortar stores are still an important way to connect with customers as well. Coming from being a part of retail management in the industry, I do understand the importance of blending the two and the future roads ahead of how vital it is to continue to stay ahead of the curve with integrating technology in our retail stores and companies.

- daniela_myers

With consumer goods, I've always felt it's a high touch game and it's a high tech game, too, that cannot be ignored. Lionel clearly articulates what's going on in retail and how to create an intelligent, thoughtful blended approach to create what your customers expect and more! This is high brow thinking with very practical steps to take.

- nash_chavez

Based on decades of experience in retail, Mr. Binnie presents a well thought out analysis that is valuable for a wide audience. On one hand it made me reflect more deeply on the choices I make as an individual consumer. In addition, as the owner of a successful part-time business for the past 12 years, this book provided insights into changing customer behavior that will help my business in the future.

- tegan_ramos

This book was really helpful for me in understanding what omni-channel retail really means. I like that he developed the two-axis model and that he goes into the core functions of retail: discovery and fulfillment. It really helps understand why people buy the way they do and his predictions all make a lot of sense. I learned a lot that I will be able to apply to my own e-commerce business using the omni-channel retail approach.

- marie_gomez

A simple but well written book. Landscape in other countries may be different but still this book provides a good perspective to understand the context.

- braxton_moore

He got it RIGHT! Hit the key points on how to succeed in marketing in this omni-channel world.

- alyssa_allen

I've been a big fan of Lionel Binnie since first meeting him at the National Shopping Mall leasing convention in Las Vegas, way back in 1989. We were competitors, but he always had good advice and was helpful to me and my career. Then in 2001 he hired me to help roll out products in a big national retail account with airport stores throughout the US and Canada. After that we expanded to National Parks, Sports Stadiums and highway travel plazas. These are the busiest retail locations in the country. Although Lionel's company was focused on shopping malls for many years, he had the foresight to search out better revenue streams at the right moment.
It was a pleasure to work with Lionel for exactly the same reason this book is a must read for those in the industry. Whether speaking with me, or with the VP of Retail for HMS Host in meetings we attended, Lionel was always direct, matter of fact and strictly to the point. I and those we met with always admired that about him and trusted him for his honest, knowledgeable opinion.
This book also offers hope for those of us whom love retail and the customer interactions that follow. He explores categories where brick and mortar stores can still flourish despite the plenteous of online retailing.

- meadow_wright

The Internet has changed virtually every facet of society: how we live, how we interact, and how we shop. Consumers are faced with more ways to purchase than ever before. That requires retailers to be more strategic in their channel selection mix to maximize consumer response. In his book, Lionel Binnie offers unique insight into the retail world, how e-commerce is changing the rules of the game, and how omni-channel retailers can leverage this change to their advantage.

— Barbara Moroch, President, Write On! Marketing & Communications

- leif_phillips

Não vale o preço. Muito superficial. Letras são gigantes apenas para encher linguiça.

- cataleya_bennet

Excellent delivery by Amazon. However very generalised theory wrt Omni channel.

- angel_peterson

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