The Gospel According To Harry

The Gospel According To Harry

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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Not quite sure why this movie has stuck with me the way it did. It is perhaps better suited to an off broadway stage than a film. Its quirky. Its sometimes difficult to understand the allegory, and at other times the message hits you directly in the face. The ongoing scene where Wes is undergoing a hopeless surgery, only to have the doctors walk out in the middle of the operation when its discovered he has no insurance, is particularly timely.
Viggo isn't Harry, btw. He's a victim of Harry, and basically his entire world. He plays the part well despite some of the scenes being somewhat overdone in their delivery. It alternately makes you want to cringe a little or laugh out loud, as in the timing of 'the bomb'. All the acting is solid. The story is solid. The dialogue intentionally mundane. And I will never think of sand in the same way again.

- benjamin_garcia

I like that Viggo chooses movies that he's interested in or have some reflection of his belief system. I am a die hard Viggo fan; I can sense his spirit and big heart and also his love of doing what he enjoys. Although one can draw their own conclusions of what the director was trying to portrey, I felt it was about how their is such a lack of compassion for another human being over material possessions. About how we let random people into our personal lives due to the IRS and the debt system. And how when when "has" nothing, they have an opportunity to be truely free. Much luv to you Viggo, thanks for being you.

- winston_jones

This is "the kind of movie you'll like if you like that kind of movie". A lot of symbolism. As a fan of Viggo Mortensen and Jennifer Rubin I enjoyed their performances, but I couldn't really help wondering at certain points what was going on.

- zoe_green

Although this movie is rather depressing & surreal, the saving grace is the two gorgeous stars! Viggo Mortensen was impeccable in his role as usual.

- koda_rogers

Not a very good movie!

- benson_kelly

I could not even watch the first 30 minutes

- scarlette_miller

I got a different message from the movie than was advertised. It seemed to me that it was simply a stylized version of the meaningless life that many people live. I would have prefered that the sexal intercourse scene had not been included. We already had the message that all was not perfect in that area. If not for that, I would have shared it with my kids.

- cecilia_ortiz

I only bought this because I love Viggo Mortensen, but it is a strange movie and I have watched it twice and still don't get it. But does not stop me from buying more of his stuff. He's easy on the eyes.

- lily_allen

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