The Humble Co. Bamboo Toothbrush (5pk) - Wooden, Sustainable, Natural Toothbrushes - Vegan, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable with BPA Free Bristles. for Zero Waste Oral Care (Soft, Adult)

The Humble Co. Bamboo Toothbrush (5pk) - Wooden, Sustainable, Natural Toothbrushes - Vegan, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable with BPA Free Bristles. for Zero Waste Oral Care (Soft, Adult)

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I like that these Organic, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Humble Company Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes come in a set of five different color bristle heads so that they can be kept in the same drawer and we can all tell which one is ours easily and quickly. Love that the handles are compostable and the bristles are recyclable, as we all go through so many toothbrushes over time. The heads of these toothbrushes are small and are easy to fit all sides of the teeth to brush well. They are soft enough to not damage our teeth and gums, but hard enough to clean very well. They're actually very beautiful. They also make a great guest toothbrush. I love that they are each individually wrapped. I did not realize that until I received them. Nice product; fair price. We're very happy with these toothbrushes!

- ruben_taylor

Love these. I switched to bamboo toothbrush over a year ago and finally got the rest of the family to make the swap too. With 3 kids under 10 I needed to find brushes that were easy for them to identify as their own. The colored bristles really helped with this. These are holding up really well and I haven't had any complaints from the kids about them.

- laila_bailey

I needed some toothbrushes for guests when they visit and I didn’t want plain plastic ones. So I came accross these and ordered and WOW they are better than I expected! I didn’t know they would be individually wrapped which is really nice for guests. I also like that they’re different colors so people won’t get theirs mixed up (cause yuck) they seem sturdy and pretty so perfect for my purpose

- eliezer_myers

My family has switched to these Humble Brushes instead of the traditional plastic toothbrush. The bristles are more durable, and they seem to do a better job cleaning the teeth surfaces.

- judith_rivera

I'm not too sure what the purpose of buying bamboo toothbrushes are over regular ergonomically designed toothbrushes but they look nice. You may want to avoid if you have receding gums or any dental issues as they are hard brushes. They are basically sticks with brushes on the end of them.

- melvin_torres

Our favorite brand when it comes to dental health. The bristles are soft and don’t make your gums bleed, abs the added color makes them more fun than traditional bamboo brushes that normally just come numbered.

- ian_ramos

I've bought several other Humble Co toothbrushes, and I love everything this company stands for. If more people would make the very easy switch and ditch the plastic ones it would make such positive impact. I support companies that can create products that eliminate plastic use. I also bought their floss, and LOVED them! The way they are made is ingenious! best floss out there. My girls and I only use their brand.

- cooper_mendoza

Handed these out to quite a few people in my household. Different ages and not one complaint from ages 3-30. The soft bristles make it easy to use and the handle is made perfect even for smaller hands .

- austin_howard

I never usually leave reviews for products on amazon but i felt i must on this. I was so excited to receive my new toothbrushes, opened a packet up + began brushing. I felt some pain in my lip but put it down to the toothpaste just being tingly. I went to go spit and the sink was full of blood. The tooth brush had splinters all up the side and had torn up my mouth.

A few hours later my mouth was fine (things inside the mouth usually heal very fast) but it was awful to say the least spitting all that blood out + looking in the mirror to see all my teeth coated in blood was like something out of a horror film.

Apart from the initial brush, which i threw away due to the ragged wood + the fact it was soaked in blood (i wish i was kidding) all of the others were fine. I’m just very disappointed considering these brushes are marketed as high quality + dentist approved. I probably won’t be buying again.

- dulce_gutierrez

Great product. Lost one star as description is family pack but all brushes are adult size and no children size ones included

- gregory_howard

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