The Intelligent Investor: The Classic Best Seller on Value Investing

The Intelligent Investor: The Classic Best Seller on Value Investing

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By: Benjamin Graham, Bill McGowan, et al.

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The classic best seller by Benjamin Graham, perhaps the greatest investment advisor of the 20th century, The Intelligent Investor has taught and inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Since its original publication in 1949, Benjamin Graham's book has remained the most respected guide to investing, due to his timeless philosophy of "value investing", which helps protect investors against areas of (possible) substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies which they will be comfortable with down the road.

Among this audiobook's special features are the use of numerous comparisons of pairs of common stocks to bring out their elements of strength and weakness and the construction of investment portfolios designed to meet specific requirements of quality and price attractiveness.

I am new to the stock market - I have very little information. So far I have not read the entire book, but it is quite easy to understand so I know that I will. I already have some ideas formed in my mind. My suggestion is as reading the book write, down the things that strike you as something important to yourself. I feel that this book will eventually clarify things for me.

- jaylen_nelson

This is a great book for anybody who has any sort of self directed investments. This book will not teach you how to beat the market or make millions but what it will certainly do is help you approach investing from a rational point of view. this classic text will shed light on some basic concepts as well as the madness of crowds. This is a very worthwhile read for nearly anybody and its not overly technical.

- xander_morales

This is the best investment book that I have read and I am a veteran of many investment books having written one myself. In fact, The Intelligent Investor is probably the best investment book ever written. Good investing doesn't require a gigantic IQ, but it does need a proper state of mind, the intellectual framework for recognizing the truth and the ability to keep your emotions from eroding that framework. What I liked the best in the book was the numerous case studies which allowed me to work out my investment decisions on given stock situations and then see what subsequently happened to that stock. The subsequent discussions and the results proved that stock picking can be quite scientific and predictable. The book further proves that the investors worst enemy is often himself/herself. The fault Dear Brutus is not in our stocks but in ourselves for we are underlings. Enthusiasm might do well in other endeavors, but in Wall Street it almost invariably leads to disaster. In Wall Street it's the facts that count not wishful thinking or fantasy as so many have recently learned. Incidentally, I agree with Graham's definition: An investment is one which, upon analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Anything else is a speculation and should be avoided. Follow Graham and you might profit from the folly of others rather than participate in folly yourself.

- kadence_anderson

B.O. Graham's book is some of the best investment advice you will ever read or obtain. So simple and direct, easy to understand, and written with great insights into human behavior in the stock market. I have been following his advice for many years and it has paid great dividends for me. You don't have to be a genius to build wealth in the stock market but you must be disciplined and have a plan. Graham outlines the basics for you in this classic book on investing. I still refer to it quite often when I get off my investing track and it brings me back to reversion to the means thinking and how to view the market.

- brylee_reed

Over the past 30 years I have read a lot about Warren Buffet's early stock market education and noted that he has often cited his reading of 'The Intelligent Investor' as an critical starting point for him personally. I have now read and re-read this classic book a number of times over the years and I, while I still have a lot to learn, I can see my success in investing steadily improving. It offers a solid grounding in how to buy value in the stock market.

- kristopher_kim

While this book is a time- honored classic, I thought the 4th Edition was the latest update. It wasn't. The seller could have made it clear that this edition came out in the 70's. This edition is 40 years old. Some of the materiel is, of course, still relevant, but the preponderance is severely outdated. I since discovered there is an updated version (2006) ? . I ordered this one. Hopefully it will be more up-to-date.

- haven_jimenez

I only see three chapters is this complete ??? audio 2 hours 45 minutes I thought it was suppose to be over 20 chapters.

- eleanor_wright

I am a firm believer in the concept of value investing and dollar cost averaging. Graham, the father of these concepts, outlines his viewpoints in a candid and frank manner and gives both novice and advanced investors a glimpse into his views of how to pick a good company and determine its value based on effective security analysis.
The book is a little dry at times and the material is somewhat dated. The last revision was in the early 70s so as such, don't look to it for good judgements as to which industry may be the one of preference since times have changed. But Graham's no nonsense approach to choosing stocks based on value, using dollar cost averaging and effective asset allocation are worth the price alone in my mind.

- remi_carter

Good item. Good price. Prompt delivery.

- greyson_richardson

Money in order now

- ramona_castillo

Read this book 3 times. Before investing. Glad I did

- anne_howard

Warren Buffets favourite book... Says it all.

- warren_reyes

This book is not easy to find - especially in 'almost new' condition - so I was particularly pleased to find it on Amazon.
Have only just started to read - so too early to give a final rating of the contents!
Overall - very pleased with both the book and the service.

- camille_gomez

Obviously a very good book albeit a bit dated considering advances in technology where information is far easier to access.

- nataly_white

Exactly how it was advertised, arrived a little bit later than expected. But otherwise all is good with the book ..

- trent_cruz

Book was interesting but not as much as i though, Packing was acceptable.

- ensley_cook

Every bit as informative as it was said to be.
Highly recommended.

- enzo_cruz

It is quite a heavy read if you have no background in the area. It is well written and clear.
I bought this book after watching Warren Buffet talk about it. One of the richest men in the world credits this book as the most influential book he ever read and to this day still goes back to it every now and again. What more needs to be said about this book.
I'm not smart enough to rate it 5 stars as most of it goes over my head. Warren gave it 5 though. Enough said!

- ramon_edwards


- israel_wright

if you are a time traveler buy it ! you will be able to predict what happened in the sixties and seventies and will be able to get rich the same way buffet did. If you have no brain and no value for industry whatsoever, and if you like to calculate anything but human cost, buy it too.

If you are looking for a book to teach you how to choose your investments in order to raise money and avoid bubbles, pass your way, this book is not for you

- emilee_hill

As described

- blaire_wilson

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